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Twenty Rep Squat Program


Two quick questions:

  1. Has anybody made any noticeable gains off a six week twenty rep squat programme on or around maintenance calories? i.e. not bulking and eating thousands and thousands each day.
  2. I have read it is pretty brutal - do you think doing it every other day is doable instead of just three times a week?


No one is going to make significant gains on maintenance calories. The sheer notion of maintenance would dictate that.

Give every other day a try and see.


:arrow_double_up::roll_eyes: This seems to be at least the third thread you’ve made about the program in the last 4 years.
Why don’t you just complete the program/follow all the good advice you’ve been given …and then afterwards evaluate for yourself!?


I did a 20 rep squat programme. Not the original, one I mashed together.

Take home points
Eat at maintenance and you’ll feel like shit, burn out and then stop training. Thus go back wards. You will need to eat. 3,000 calories a day minimum. Unless you weigh 50kg. In which case 2,750.
Sleep. Lots. I will run super squats as written one day. When I can guarantee myself 8h a night for 6 weeks. Not before.
Gains were great at just over maintenance. I was eating 1lb of mince and 10 eggs a day. Plus carbs. Lots of rice. My upper body exploded with a simple progression on incline bench.
EOD will be tough. I got to week 5 and swapped to E3D.

Expect a tough time if you do this properly. Really tough. 20 rep squats is brutal. But worth it.
But if as badger says you just keep asking its not going to happen. Get started. Commit.


Hi! I have seriously looked at it doing twice. One time I got moved abroad with work and had to stop training altogether and the other time I got injured (non-exercise related) a couple weeks before I was due to start and also had to stop training altogether, so it is not the case I am saying I will do it and then change my mind or never get round to it.

Honestly I’m not over bothered if you do / do not. And not an an arsey aloof way. But you don’t owe me anything.
I think you should. Its an experience. And it gets results. But if work and shit gets in the way then that’s your call.

Knowing what I know now the next time I run a 20 rep squat programme I will make sure the last 2 weeks are off work or I have nothing important booked in. So maybe if you’re busy it’s best keft for a while.

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Have you bros ever tried THIRTY Rep Squats?


I ran out of weights on my 20 rep squat programme so added reps.
I got to 23 with 140kg.
That was a far as could go with out safety bars.


I see your 30 rep squats and raise you Mass Made Simples 50 rep sets.

Do goblet squat count?
An old one I did for a month or so before I started to hate it:

50% of body weight goblet squat x1
Press up x1
Then x2, 3,4 etc to 10. Then back down.

While thing was 100 squats. Not much weight but it was pretty shitting come set 7 on the way down.


I have done 365 reps in a single “set” before, using a 16kg weight vest and 2 x 12kg bells. Took a long, long, long time. The only reason you could call it a set was that I didn’tput the bells down for the entire time. It was part of the old “new year challenge” that Chris Collucci used to run and some dude called jarvan (anyone remember him?) had made a bit of a stink on the threads by claiming that no-one ever needed to squat more than 40kg.


That counts dude.

Btw balls of steel for that challenge.

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I’m not trying to single you out, but this is an oxymoron. You can’t both be serious and be just looking. I’m only pointing this out to, hopefully, be constructive; it’s pretty easy for us all to spend a lot of time deciding, but the magic comes from doing.


How is one “due to start” this program? It’s stupidly simple. Put your 10rm on your back and do 20 reps with it. You can do it today.

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Different number rules.

Less than 20 requires odd numbers, ie 5/3/1, 5x5.

Greater than 20 requires even numbers in the tens space.

That’s… greater than 20?

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Oh, no. It’s 5 but 5 times! Huge difference. :grin:


It’s actually pronounced “fahve”.

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With plenty of hip drahve.

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