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Twenty by 40 by 2020 - Journey Back to Where I Was 20 Years Ago


  1. Walk/jog
  2. 16x75m hill (4 sets of 4). Ran all a little faster, between 11 and 12.5 this time, except ran 3 hard (under 11) with fastest at 10.20 vs. 10.59 last time with same timing protocol.

When timing things by hand over short(ish) distances, it is not that reliable, so I like to have a laser timer before I start taking the times on any runs under 200m very seriously (a lazy start or trigger happy finish can make as much as 0.5 seconds difference - which is a big deal for 75m, not so much for 200m) - but good directional improvement.

Speed will keep coming back relatively quickly, given that I’m in decent condition, body comp isn’t horrible, and strength is solid. I figure it will improve by another 5-10% over that distance over next month just based on running again - and then will have to start actually training sprinting more seriously and dropping more fat. Fun stuff.

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85 reps each:

Lateral raises

Going to do swings pull-ups etc tomorrow. Didn’t get em today as intended. Late dinner with too much pasta. Hits me on both sides. More food less work. Ah well.

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40 Pull-ups in 8 sets of 5
80 heavy swings (100#KB) in 8 sets of 10


12x30m hill runs with 5 push-ups at top then walk down the hill

10/22: Off

Today will throw and run.

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Not sure how/why I wrote 10/20, 10/21, 10/22 lol.

8/23: Track - sprint warm-ups (jog, drills, acceleration runs - didn’t time anything this time) then throws - approximately 20 shot and 20 discus throws. Only measured throws after I was done - and focused on technique and positions. Nothing earth shattering, but threw just as far as previous week, and was able to focus more on certain technical elements, as well as be more aware of which cues I am missing.

8/24: Golf. 91 on a pretty tough course. 50 on the front 9 and 41 on the back 9. Really happy with the day. 41 is as good a 9 as I’ve shot in probably 5 or 6 years. And it was not an easy course, and not one I’ve played before. Hit a drive out past 320, with all of my drives going over 250, except for one that I completely missed.

8/25 - 90 reps each

  1. Triceps Ext (15#)
  2. Lateral Raise (15#)
  3. BW Squat
  4. Push-ups
  5. Goblet Squat (55#)
  6. OHP (30# DBs)
  7. Skater Squats

Did all kind of ad lib at end of day.

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  1. Walk Jog
  2. Hill Runs: 17x75m (1x5, 3x4 - walk 1/4 mile between each set).

All runs between 11-12.5, except ran 6 under 11 including fastest at 10.02 (vs. 10.2 last week). Progress!

90 reps each:

  1. Curls
  2. Lateral Raises
  3. Pull-Overs
  4. Lunges
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8/28-8/31: OFF. R&R on Cape Cod. Ate, Drank, Fished, Slept. Glorious. Back at it tomorrow.


Some dynamic warm-up and about 80 light swings then

  1. 90 KB Swings (100#)
  2. Warm-up and mobility then 45 Pull-ups
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10 Rounds of
30m Hill Sprint
8 Push-ups

10 more Push-ups and Some Curls afterward. Once we move and I am in a house vs city townhouse with no garage - and I’ve set up a garage gym - I’m excited about what I’ll start getting done at home. I guess that means I should be getting more done now though. Really need to just start doing shit in the morning.

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Didn’t keep track of 9/3-9/8 - but did almost nothing. A bunch of walking, playing at the pool with the kids, etc. Lots of beer.

Before and up until garage gym, I’ll start going to a regular gym, as they are now reopened in NJ - with VERY strict protocol and (at least today) almost nobody there.


  1. Warm-up Snatch pull + Hang Snatch up 135, then hang clean singles at 155, 165, 175, 185
  2. Power Clean: 3x5 at 185
  3. A2G Front Squat: Warm-up triples at 45, 75, 95, 135, 165
  4. A2G Front Squat: 3x5 at 185
  5. OHP - warm-up triples at 45-65-85 then 3x5 at 95
  6. Pull-ups: 3x5

First day back in a proper gym. Didn’t push weights, but I’ll bet I’m sore tomorrow. Friday, I’ll do 4x5 with 5 or 10# more - then Monday 5x5 with 5 or 10# more. Then will go through a 5x5 cycle for awhile.

Pretty happy with today. Weights didn’t fly, but they weren’t sluggish either.

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9/11 run/walk

Some dunk attempts and some 150s.

Dunks were weak efforts. None even close. Chalking up to soreness from first day lifting. Running felt ok.


Warm up

  1. A2G front squat (20-30 reps working up to 195) then 3x5 and 1x3 at 195
  2. Same with power clean
  3. Same idea with OHP except 3x5 and 1x3 af 105
  4. 3x5 and 1x3 pull-up.

Added 10# since 3 days ago and added 3 reps on all 3 reps. Might’ve been a little aggressive. So will probably not jump both again. Just keep at same weight and go to 4x5 next.

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Warmups then

4x5 a2g front squat 195
4x5 ohp 105

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9/16 - off. Closing on new house.

9/17 - hills and pushups.

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Also did about 30 stair jumps yesterday. From ground up 5 stairs. I think that is equivalent to like 40" or so.


Warm-up: Jog and Hang High Pulls and Hang Power Snatches and Hang Power Cleans

  1. Power Cleans: 4x5 at 195
  2. Pull-ups (various grips) 4x5 at bw

Power Cleans a little easier than last week. Pull-ups are bad. And doing in a gym where I can tell if I’m actually getting chin over the bar as opposed to a door frame where I don’t really have headroom to do so and only just started doing them a few weeks ago is rough.

Pull-ups come back quickly as well though. I really really want to get a home gym set-up, but waiting for prices to drop when people start going back to regular gyms.

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Been in process of packing, moving and unpacking this week at new house. Baby, wife, and I all got the cold as well - so we couldn’t use daycare - so I didn’t even attempt to workout, or find a new gym - is on my list for the next few days. Right now priority is unpack boxes and get furniture in the right rooms.

9/27 - went to a local CrossFit gym. Might just start doing this for awhile and forget about programming and see what happens. Today was Sunday, so just some mobility, some tech work on snatch and clean and then 3 rounds for time of:

(1) row 500 (2) 15 pull-ups (3) 20 wall balls

I did ring rows for most of the pull-ups. Full thing was 12’30” or something. I haven’t done a metcon type session in who knows how long. That workout looks easy but wrecked me.