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Twenty by 40 by 2020 - Journey Back to Where I Was 20 Years Ago

Increase weight that is. Lower reps, more weight.

Also - Turning 40 on Thursday. Do not think I’m back to where I was 20 years ago. This quarantine did not help. I got work in, but the strength work, which was where I definitely was better off than 20 years ago - just didn’t happen. I know it’s an excuse. Should have done more running, etc.

But here we are. Will do some tests of myself this weekend and see how I do.

7/28: 14x80m Hill Sprints

Then 60 reps curls


Warm-ups. 70 reps each: Curls, Lateral Raises, Lunges
Workout: Snatch, Pull-ups, Heavy Swings - Didn’t track reps except swings did 50

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7/30-31: OFF

8/1: Curls, Push-ups, Air Squats, etc
8/2: Throws and sprints - Went well. Only third or fourth session since COVID - and best and most consistent on both Shot Put and Discus

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  1. Warmup: 75 reps each: DB curls (22.5#) Lateral Raises (15#) Hollow Hold DB pullovers (15# DBs) BW lunges (75 total not each leg)
  2. Bent single arm dead stop row 75 (38 reps each arm) 55#
  3. Single arm DB snatch - 75 (38 reps each arm) 52.5#

Good session. Snatch was a good metcon

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  1. Pull-ups - Accumulated 30 reps
  2. KB Swings (100#) - Accumulated 60 reps
  3. Farmers Walk (100# and 55#) - Accumulated 120 yards
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100# in one hand and 55# in the other. Alternate hands


  1. Walk/jog 1 mile
  2. Sprint Drills (skips, acceleration, hops, high knees, butt kicks, etc)
  3. Plyometrics: Total of 20 single leg contacts and 16 double legged jumps
  4. 5x20 yard runs
  5. Walk 1 mile

Plyos, a lot of people would watch me and think that isn’t much, but that is actually on verge of a high volume plyo workout - if the double leg weren’t static jumps, it would be too many contacts.

The 20 yard runs, I timed (first time timing runs in a LONG time) using stop watch from first foot strike and ending at 20 yards. While not as precise as a touchpad and a laser finish, it’s about as consistent as you can get without an electronic system. My fastest 2 runs were 2.91 and 2.90 seconds. Which, if you used touchpad, you’d add .10 to, so these would convert to around 5.0 for a 40 yard dash, which is depressing - but at same time, for first timed runs is semi-encouraging. These were also in regular running shoes on kids playground turf (read SUPER soft).

What I like about timing runs, especially once I move and have electronic timing out of storage, is that you can program sprints the same way you do lifts, on both volume and intensity - and track progress with even more precision. IE - while you can grind out a slow 500# deadlift that is 95% of your 1RM, you can’t grind out a 95% sprint effort. You cab either run that fast or you can’t on a given day.


Or you can pull a muscle.

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  1. Warm-up: 75 each of Triceps Ext (30# DB); Lateral Raises (15# DBs); Air Squats (Bw)
  2. 75 Push-ups: 10-9-8-7-6-5-5-5-5-5-5-5
  3. OHP: 75 reps with 30# DBs - Sets of 30-25-20
  4. Goblet Squats: 75 reps with 55# KB - Sets of 30-25-20
  5. Skater Squats: 75 reps total with BW - Sets of 20-20-20-16
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8-7 - chill


  1. 1 mile jog/walk/run/sprint drill warm up
  2. Some sprints over 10-30m
  3. Shot put and Discus probably 30-40 throws total
  4. 6x20m hard
  5. 2x110m at 75%

Running was much faster. 20m at same pace as 20 yards earlier. Times in a minute. But was on track today vs soft turf.

Throws were again better. Same level of consistency as last week (and same distance mostly) - but 2 outliers in throws. One at 41’ shot put and one at 120’ discus.

Remembered a couple throwing cues that should help next week.

Did a couple curls too.

Golf tomorrow.

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So I did 20 yards in 2.69 today on track surface. 30m (33 yards) in 4.1. Much faster than I thought I was.

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8/9 - Golf - Shot a 94 - but man I hit some beautiful shots. A few drives well over 300 yards, including one that was over 330, on soft fairways. Best shot though was a 250 yard approach shot on a par 5 18th. Hit a hybrid - big high draw to about 10’ for an eagle putt. Made a 3 putt par lol. But the 250 yards to 10’ drawing it up and around a big tree was as good a shot as I’ve ever hit, and I bet as good a shot as any of the pros playing yesterday would hit 9 tries out of 10.


80 reps:

  1. Curls: 30# DBs
  2. Lateral Raises: 15# DBs
  3. Lunges: Bodyweight

Was supposed to do swings, pull-ups, etc - but my back is sore from golf, so going to take it easy

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8 rounds:

  1. 4 Pull-ups
  2. 8 Heavy KB Swings (100#)

Plan was yesterday and today both yesterday, and doing rows and DB snatches as well. Not feeling it. But still got through 2 days in a row.


15x75m Hill Runs (measured a bit more precisely today) - not 80m. Timed the runs as well. All between 11.3 and 13.0 except last one at 10.59. Ran Up, Walked Back. So about 1’ recovery between each run. A couple interesting observations.

  1. Took about 4 runs gradually pushing harder to be what I’d call “fully warmed up”. Not warmed up to run an all out sprint race, but warmed up enough to do some real training runs.
  2. 13.0 is around RPE 65% and super easy, 12.3 is around RPE 75% and pretty easy. 11.6 is around RPE 90% and pretty tough. 10.6 was brutal and as hard as I could go.
  3. On a 75m run, 10.6 is equal to about 13.2 or so for 100m - up a gentle hill - so maybe 12.5 on a flat surface. which means the best sprinters would be beating me by 25 yards from one end of the football field to the other - and I’m not that slow.
  4. I love measuring things. I’ll have this and my short sprints down by 10% by 10/1 is my guess - which would put me back in pretty decent shape. I’ll have to both lose 5-7# and pick up 5%+ strength to do that.

Will do some basic bodyweight stuff later.

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  1. Warm-up: 80 reps each: triceps, air squats, lateral raises, pull-overs
  2. 80 reps each: Push-ups, Skater Squats, OHP, Goblet Squats

On both warm-ups and regular, did a mix of straight sets and super sets. Push-ups are still a struggle, as is any pressing and any upper body body weight move, but are getting a shade better.

8/15 -

Running warmup - Didn’t run hard at all - but got 20m (22 yards) down to 2.93 - which is pretty similar to last week and didn’t even fully push it or warm up.

Shot Put (about 20 throws)
Discus (about 10 throws)

Shot and Disc a shade better than last week - even though feeling kind of meh today. So that’s good. Had a couple almost line up. I think only throwers would understand - as it’s different than a golf swing or perfect tech lift due to the medium weight of the implement.

I will say that throwing a 5# weight plate 125 feet (length of a basketball court plus another 30’) is a long way and a 16# medball halfway down a court is a long way too. For those of you who are strong, it’s a good test.

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85 reps each

  1. Warmup - triceps ext (15# DBs) lateral raise (15# DB) Body weight squats
  2. Pushups
  3. 55# goblet squats
  4. OHP (30# DBs)

Everything done as chipper. Finish one before moving to next.

My 10 year old has been starting to exercise because he is chubby (he lives w my ex in FL) and I told him if he sticks with it he could look like one of those buff football players.

His response: oh I don’t want to be chiseled and muscly like that, or see my veins or abs or anything. Looking like you would be fine.

Me: hmmm… about going on gear… might be time lol.

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