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Twenty by 40 by 2020 - Journey Back to Where I Was 20 Years Ago

6/5-6/7: miscellany - stayed active. Walked, jogged, swam, etc

6/8 - 8 rounds:

1- 20 KB Swings (55#)
2 - 5 hand release pushups
3 - 5 KB swings (100#)
4 - 5 hollow rock pullovers (2x15# DBs)

This was actually a nice amount of volume. I did 5 rounds in the afternoon between a 3pm and 4 pm call and 3 rounds just now after putting little guy to bed.

I’m excited to get back in the gym (probably 6/29 or so) - and particularly interested to see where my strength went (up, down, flat, etc).

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6/9-6/10 - just pushups, step ups, swings.


10 rounds of 5

  1. Hand release pushups
  2. KB swings (100#)
  3. Goblet squat (100#)

Kids in from out of town for next 2+ weeks. Going to beach house. Plan is to do something active outside (jog, football, etc) every day + pushups and swings. Might Be cool to just do 300 swings or 300 swings, 150 squats, 50 pushups or something every day. Packed the 55# KB

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Kids just went home. I did basic stuff, swings, push-ups, goblet squats - slept in, rested, ate a ton of food, laid on the beach, drank too much, watched movies till midnight. Was awesome. Today was first day back working in 2 weeks.

Will get back at “gymming” on Monday. 2 more days of not worrying about it. And guess what? Stayed same weight, and don’t look any fatter…

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Glad you had a nice break. Your beach trips always sound fun.


Well… Gyms still closed. So, am going to continue to do home workouts, but put some structure to it, and increase volume. 3 day rotation.

Day 1: Push. Warm-ups will be 30, building up to 50 or 60 reps each of bodybuilding and body weight stuff (triceps, lateral raises, hollow holds, bodyweight squats, etc); Super-set: Push-up and Goblet Squats; Super-set: OHP and Pistols or Skater Squats

Day 2: Athletic: Jog warm-up, dynamic mobility; plyometrics or basketball; throw something; sprint (either acceleration runs or hills); then probably some curls at night

Day 3: Pull: Warm-up (Curls, Lateral Raises, Pull-overs, lunges); Superset Row with DB Snatch; Superset Pull-up with heavy KB swing.

Got a weighted vest, and a pull-up bar I can put in doorway. Will progress everything using volume, rest periods, weight, etc.


  1. Warm-ups: 30 reps each of: Triceps Ext (20# DB); Lateral Raise (15# DB); Hollow Hold DB Pullover (15# DBs); Body Weight Squats
  2. Super-set 5x8+8
    a. Push-up
    b. Goblet Squat (55#)
  3. Super-set 5x8+8
    a. OHP with DBs (30#)
    b. Skater Squat (BW)
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  1. Jog/walk 1 mile
  2. Dynamic warm-up (10’ of skips, hops, etc with build-ups)
  3. 12 standing LJs for (sub-max) distance - all around 9’
  4. 8x15m acceleration runs (all out runs) with 1’ recovery
  5. Through a 2# weighted ball for distance between runs
  6. Walk 1 mile

Felt slowish, but good.



  1. Warm-up: 30 reps each of DB Curls (30#); Lateral Raises (15# DBs); DB Pullovers (15# DBs - shoulders on arm of couch, big stretch at bottom); Lunges (30 each leg)
  2. 30 reps each arm Bent Row (55#)
  3. 30 reps KB Swing (100#)

Farmers walk later. Next time I do this workout, will be more 40 reps of everything, and pull-ups will be in mix, but prepping for year end bonus discussions, and haven’t set up pull-up bar yet.

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You’re brave. It seems that I can no longer do this. I would need to spend weeks, if not months, working up to it.

When I say “all out” that is a very relative term. It= very hard. And my “all out” is pretty slow at the moment!

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Good to hear you’re still human.

7/3-4 OFF

7/5 - running, plyos, throws, some test jumps. Has been basically since all of COVID since I’ve thrown (1x) and no strength work. Throws down about 5-6%.

7/6 off


50 reps each: DB curls, lateral raise, DB hollow hold pullovers, body weight split squats.

Rounds of DB snatches paired with a weird floor slide (hard to explain) and heavy swings paired with pull-ups.

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50 reps each: Triceps Ext; Lateral Raise; Lever Row (weird back/triceps exercise); BW squat
Rounds Push-ups paired with skater squats and OHP paired with goblet squats (45 reps of all)

Last week or so:

More of same: increased reps. Some more running. Throwing at track (out about 5% on prior week).

Yesterday: Short Hill Accelerations. 10x30m


Warm-up: 60 reps each: DB Curls, Lateral Raises, Pull-overs, BW Lunges (some with 15# DBs)
Then DB Snatch paired with pull-ups: 30 reps each
Heavy Swings: 50 reps

Oh - also Farmers carries with 155# (100 in one hand, 55 in other - alternate hands) - total of 100m


Walk/jog then

11x80m hill repeats
Also some DB Curls


7/16 - OFF


Warm-up: 60 reps each: Triceps Ext, Lateral Raises, Pull-overs, Bodyweight Squats
60 reps each: Goblet Squats, OHP, Hand Release Push-ups, Skater Squats (Body weight)

Will keep upping reps on this scheme on both push and pull days till probably 100 reps on warm-ups and workouts and then start adding load using vest and/or heavier DB or KB. Think I can do some progress for quite awhile.

7/18 - Track: Build-ups, Plyos, Throws, Etc. It was 100 degrees out. I was hungover. It was everything I hoped and imagined it could be, lol.

7/19: Walking around house hunting

7/20: 65 reps each: DB Curls, Lateral Raise, Pull-overs, Lunges. Then Snatch/Row: 40 reps each and Heavy Swing 44/Pull-up 33

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Also - my pull-ups are for shit. Those are sets of 3. And aren’t really quality reps. I’m doing them from those door jamb set ups which are tougher than a real bar - but pre Covid, 10 strict was no issue at same or higher weight. Today no way I’d get 10

7/21 - nothing.

7/22 - walk/jog then 13x80m hill runs. Then walk/jog. Will keep increasing this volume. 25-30 is probably the absolute max.

Will do some curls later tonight. I need to get back to normal routine and get gym open or else buy a whole set up to put in my back yard or I will go nuts. My motivation is low, my diet is meh, based on pull-ups, my strength levels are worse than I thought.

On plus side, I still look okay given the above.

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7/23/24: Off

7/25: Golf. 97. Slightly better than first round of the year (102).
7/26: Nothing

7/27: Push-Day

  1. Warm-ups: 65 reps each Triceps Ext, Lateral Raises, Pull-Overs, Body Weight Squats
  2. Workout: 65 reps each
  • Goblet Squat: 55#
  • Push-ups
  • Skater Squats
  • OHP (30#)
  • Farmers Walk (100# one hand, 55# one hand) - down/switch then back. 20 yards per set. 3.5 sets. (65 yards)

Once I get up to 100 reps, will increase

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