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Twelve Weeks to Super Strength

Hi ppl

I’m a noob to bodybuilding. So plz don’t be angry about this question.

I was planing to do the Twelve Weeks to Super Strength program. The only thing i was wondering about is that every exercise is only done once ( only 1 set ). If I read this right it would mean that I only need about half an hour in the gym. So did I get it right?
I’m asking this because most of my friends that go to a gym stay or train over an hour.

Thx for answers.

But do your friends get bigger and stronger…if i keep my workouts brief and intense, i get stronger and bigger, longer workouts just do not work for me…but i had to try longer workouts to find this out.Try it,12 weeks isn’t long, if it works for you, great!!if it doesn’t, your on the best web site to find a program that suits you, and will work for you.

To answer your question directly - yes, each exercise is done only once. In the article, Ian lists a warm-up set and a work set, so theoretically, you could do two sets of the exercises but the first would be with a light weight.

Take your time and concentrate on all of the exercises. It’s crucial for the later parts that you put in full effort at the start. And yeah, you’ll move out of the gym pretty fast. You can use the extra time to do ab work (Ian King’s Awesome Abs).

As a noob, you might want to look into some of the other programs available on this site. Run a search on “Beginner’s Blowout” or read the Chad Waterbury stuff. Specialising on your bench when just starting out seems a little pointless, to be honest. You’d probably see overall strength go up far faster doing Anti Bodybuilding Hypertrophy (ABBH) or similar.