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Tweaking the Waterbury Method

So quick backstory, I used to be an advanced lifter and have been on a wacky 12 hour shift work schedule. I continued getting in plenty of gym time but couldn’t commit to it like I wanted. I’m going to be switching back to a nice 8-hour day shift type schedule for about four months and I want to make some serious size and strength gains. I’ve done it before and really like the layout of the Waterbury Method but my main problem with it is it doesn’t have a deadlift day, which is hands down my favorite exercise as it hits my abdominals so hard. So is there a way I could tweak this program to include it?.. Also, if you have a good program for size and strength (preferably full body) please feel free to share. Thanks!

It’s only 4 weeks, and it has Romanian deadlifts on day two done fairly heavy so you should be covered really.

If you feel like you must have a traditional deadlift in just pick another program of his, they almost all do.

Could try this…

I’d start Workout 1 with deadlifts 10x3, instead of squats, and then plug in squats 4x6 as B1 of Workout 2 instead of Romanian deads.

I have it on good authority that this program was largely influenced by Waterbury’s work.

Thanks for the replies guys!

That’s funny you mention the Mechanical Advantage Workout, I actually have it bookmarked and it was 2nd in consideration