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Tweaking The TBT Routine

I was wondering what you guys would think about extending the “phases” of the routine from 2 to 4 weeks each, and dropping the antagonistic sets, since that’s really hard to do at my gym.

I feel that completely changing the exercise selection and rep ranges every 2 weeks makes it very difficult to progress or even know if I was using the right weights.

Though I’m not completely new to weight training, I am still, pitifully small and weak, so perhaps extending the lengths of the phases might be a beneficial idea in my case?

Thanks for everyone’s input!

THe only thing I can say is that you should try it to see if it works for you.

I know that doesn’t help much, sorry dude.

Try it couldnt hurt I would prob stick to the super sets though if you can for both the anatonist pairing and recovery between sets effect and the time. Its not that hard to say bring a pair of DB to a station in a gym.