Tweaking My Lower Body Days

I’m using ws4sb 3.0 and I want to know if I can tweak it without going overboard. Here’s the plan:


Deadlift off of 4" boxes working up to a 5 rep max.

Barbell step-ups 3x8

Calf Raises 3x15


Zercher Squat working up to a 5 rep max.

Split squat back foot raised up 3x8

swiss ball back bridge with leg curl

Only changes I made were taking out the jumping and hamstring moves from the dynamic day and changing the back squats to zercher because I don’t have a power cage or anything to lift to weight on my back. I got the idea to put heavy deadlifts in there after I read The Ultimate Split from Kelly Bagget. I looking build up my vertical leap/speed. I am using the ply routine that’s on The Ultimate Split. Any help would be great thanks guys

Um, why are you taking the jumps out of the dynamic day? Also, taking out the posterior chain movement is a mistake in my opinion.

You’ve basically turned it into a second max effort lower body day. I know it’s the best, most fun day of the week, but it needs to be kept to once a week.

By the way, if you want to bring up your vertical jump, you need to JUMP, and what you’ve done here is moving you away from your goals, not toward them. Again, in my opinion.