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Tweaking my diet

Quick question to you folks. I am debating on what macronutrient split to go on. I weigh 235 and trust me a lot of it is fat. I need to try and drop about 25 pounds of fat. The only thing is I don’t know if I should cut carbs down to like 20g a day or maybe try to use around 70g with about 5 or 6 meals a day. Out side of that I was going to do 2g per every pound of lbm and take the rest from fat. Do you guys think this would work or just start getting my fat ass to eat clean. Hell who knows maybe even the fat fast diet is in order for me. Thanks for the help guys.

If i were you i would start with close to 100 g of carbs a day, most from vegetables and eat these after your workout, and in non training days at your first meals. But your option of 20 g carbs would probably be a lot faster than this. Maybe try the t-dawg diet?

keep your diet low in carbs and fats,add lots of fiber to it.drink as much water as you can.train light on weights and high on reps,run at least once a week,dont go too low on carbs remember the word ketosis!

Depending on the deadline or goal the answer could vary. The long term answer in my opinion is to first establish (3-5 weeeks) a baseline diet. Keep a log, do it! Now we have your insulin under control hopefully and this would now be a better time to have maybe a 40% reduction in carb intake (3-5 days), but then go 115% of the baseline carb intake for a day. Continue this zig zag approach and good things will happen. Basically, before restricting calories I suggest, if you are to quit the extreme caloric surges, negative or positive, get the base then go to work.