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Tweaked Subclavius?

Hello all,

I’m currently in my “off-season”, so to speak, as my next powerlifting meet will be in April of the coming year. Following my last competition, I took a couple of weeks off, as I was on business travel. Since then, I’ve been training more sporadically than I would’ve liked, as life and work have come in the way.

At any rate, several weeks ago, I got a bit greedy performing pin pulls. My entire upper back/shoulder area felt a bit off during the training session, and on my heaviest rep, I felt something tweak in my left upper pec/lower trap. The pain was fairly intense for a couple of days, but settled down fairly quickly.

I continued to train more or less normally, although I noticed that deadlifting appears to reaggrevate the issue. Stupidly, whenever I feel as though the injury is gone, it comes back again.

I’m beginning to suspect it’s a minor subclavius tear or something of the like. There was no swelling or bruising or anything, and my ROM remained good. I have no pain in benching or in upper body pulling, only after deadlifting and sometimes when getting into the low-bar squat position. The pain is dull and radiates throughout the left shoulder girdle, sometimes from in my back, sometimes on the deltoid, sometimes in the pec.

Does anyone have an idea of what this is and how I can rehabilitate it?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!