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Tweaked Shoulder from Squatting Heavy?

It seems stipid but I think I did it. My right shoulder hurts at the bottom of my OH presses and is really tight on that side at the bottom of my bench. I am hoping that it is irritated and will go away with time off. I did feel something significant when I did it though and it hurt at the time. I had rotator cuff surgery 2 years ago on the other shoulder and it doesnt feel like that one did. I’m hoping nothing is damaged.

You think this occurred during squats? How wide was your grip?

I’ve had my shoulder tweak from squats before - the front side of the delt. I have my pinkies on the rings (but I’m 5’5"). Rest, rolling a softball on it, etc. helped. Coach says we all do it at some point.

Where exactly are you hurting?