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Tweaked Nerve and Get Shredded Diet


i was doing tricep dips to failure, came out of my last set just fine, but felt tingly in my thumb. tried to move into chest work and hell nah my arm couldn't even lift a 15 lb dumbbell. my entire arm since has had this slight numb feel and my dad (he's a physician) and i are convinced i tweaked a nerve.

i was wearing an ipod arm band and kind of wonder if that added to the tweak since my muscles and nerves were being slightly condensed by the band. has this ever happened to anyone? it's the strangest sensation.

also, im going through the get shredded diet, but can't lift anything upper body currently because of my arm. my training has been lifting 6 days with cardio 4-5. should i continue the diet and just do legs twice a week and cardio 4-5 times?