Tweaked My Knee

well, when i was rolling in BJJ tonight, i tweaked my knee. i was trying to kneebar (ironic, right?) one of the instructors, when he stacked me, and passed to side control. in doing this, my leg kind of got jammed back towards me (almost like in rubber gaurd, but really far back, and not the leg i usually use for rubber guard)…it didn’t really hurt, but did feel stretched.

i didn’t stay for the advanced portion of the class, and went home. i took some fish oil, ibuprofen, and anitoxidants and iced it. i’m going to Walgreen’s to pick up some joint stuff in a few minutes. tomorrow i plan on stretching and maybe doing a ligt jog and icing it again.

any other ideas, or am i covered? so far it doesn’t have any sharp pain or feel weak-just streched.

thanks again,


Sounds like you should be good, other than not using that knee bar to set up a heel hook. Tisk, tisk… Well then again if he stacked you quick you couldn’t have. No swelling? No hindered movement? No intense pain?

oops, i meant i was setting up a heel hook from an ankle lock. but you’re right, i should have seen it coming, and didn’t react.

so far today, it feels good. no swelling, discoloration or stiffness, so it must not have been a big deal.

i got some glucosmaine/MSM/chondroiten stuff last night, too. i realized that prolly wouldn’t relly help (unless it was a true injury), but i’ve been having some minor joint issues lately anyway, so it’s worth taking it.

Sounds good man! Are you taking any fish oil to help those joints?

yup-i just started taking it again about a week ago, and doubled it up yesterday.

do you wear knee sleeves?

[quote]Therizza wrote:
do you wear knee sleeves? [/quote]

no, i’ve never really had any issues with my knees. i had been debating on wearing them for no gi/MMA stuff though, to get better traction.

so far the knee is doing pretty well…a little stiff, but otherwise feels strong.