Tweaked My Back with Heavy Squats

Doing some heavy-ish squats last weekend and tweaked my back. My own stupid fault really as I lost concentration over some issues between the voices in my head and lost my tension at the bottom of my squat. Have dropped heavy squats and deadlifts and focused on bodyweight exercises and stretches to loosen it up. Does anyone have some ideas on fixing the issue and strengthening that lower back area before I get back into heavy weights?

While you’re recovering and using light weights anyway, maybe do some 1 Leg RDLs and Split Squats with the front foot elevated.

On 1 leg it’s easier to get into those extra deep bottom positions and build your hip strength and flexibility and while you practice keeping proper tension and bracing.

At some point in the future maybe you could try pause squats or slow eccentric squats to focus on the bottom position as you build yourself back up.

In my experience light reverse hypers can help if you have one available.

And light, slow and very controlled good mornings as more of a stretch than a lift.

Both seem to stretch and activate my lower back and even flexors without further straining them, and I believe the spiked blood flow is helpful.

Go by feel and don’t push it, especially right off the bat.

Thanks a lot for the help! I’ll be putting all this together in my garage in the time being to help my better half get back into exercise after having a baby so it has possibly happened at a good time for her! Re the reverse hypers, I don’t have a machine for this so thinking about substituting in hip raises both double then single leg. It may be time to invest a little…