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Tweaked My Back, Help


Today when I was squatting, I was getting twinges of lower back pain, sometimes just at the top holding the bar. The pain wasn't too terrible (minor twinges actually), but obviously I think I should be concerned. My back squat form is very solid, I think I tweaked it with some sloppy front squat technique 3 days ago (didn't notice anything at all until today though doing back squats).

Okay, so here's my plan of action:

-Lay off the squat + dead work for a week; then assess the condition of the lower back during squat warmups
-Spend some time massaging the lower erectors every day
-Do bird dogs regularly every day (heard this was the best lower back rehab exercise?)
-Do some full-ROM GHRs during the break (back extension + parallel GHR); this will help get blood flowing through the lower back as well as maintain some conditioning in the glutes/hams

What do you guys think? Should I add anything else?


A similar thing happens with my right hamstring occasionally when doing squats after a hamstring exercise, it usually is fine after three days, just give it time before you lift heavy again.


are you certain its your spinal erectors and not your quadratus lumborum? is it localized to one side of your lower back?


lucky you. i got carted out of my gym into an ambulance with a terrible back spasm. couldnt sit upright or put any weighton my feet at all. that was monday. im only now starting to feel any general release of the tightness.


well i actually don't know exactly where the twinges are coming from, but i have always found massaging the erectors helps when i have back weirdness. i'll try hitting the QL as well.


lol what the hell happened?


well first i squatted. then i was warming up for DLs. i worke dup to 315 which is maybe65-70% of my best and got the bar to my knees when everything went weak. IMMENSE pain in my low back and pelvis. tried to sit up, pain. tried to roll over, pain. tried to stand, pain.

so i called the trainer. she called the wambulance. at the hospital they gave me 4 percocet, 2 valium, and an injection of dilaudin and i was still cleary eyed haha. they sent me home with a few scrips and im starting to feel a little better.


was it bad form or something?


if you just strained something in the erector group, you should be able to do lunges with dbs just fine to maintain or even improve leg strength, just make sure you keep your torso upright.


it was just a freak accident. my form has never been an issue with my deadlift. my back just chose that moment to spasm on me lol.


best bet with lower back pain is to take time off from spinal compression lifts for a while and when you start them again, very very (ego crushing) light weight to 'test' and see how things feel.

lots of core work (no ab crunches)
-bird dogs are good
-planks (and their variations)

lots of single leg work
-step ups

rest, ice, fish oil when every day (that pain is there, but fish oil rocks all the time)

lots of warm up and mobility (look at Eric Cressey's articles) too.

good luck man! stay healthy and strong!



don't ignore the iliopsoas...

i did the same thing 2 months back - this turned out to be key to getting better. hope it helps.