Tweaked L2 - Suggestions for New HVD/Quad Layer Workout

Everything was going great, started second week of SGHP on Monday: Good warm-up, nice ramp to 75kg 1rm, positional holds & jumps OK (45kg). Then loaded the bar for RDLs (65kg) lowered it & “Twang!” I was on my knees, immobile and close to tears!
I really was enjoying (Mon-Fri) SGHP/BP/DL/Push P/FS but practically all of those barring the BP are out, at least for a fortnight - if not longer.
It may be the medication, but I can only see seated press, leg curl/extensions and supported rows being suitable (ie do-able) substitutions (done on a Powertec leverage machine)
That is unless the T-Nation ‘crowd’ can save me from the mire!