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Tweaked Back While Front Squatting


Hey, anyone feel a tight knot like feeling after doing front squats?

After my first set today of front squats, I felt an extreme tightness in the middle of my back, and w/out going to the doctor I was wondering how serious anyone might think it could be. There was no popping noise, just finnished set, started taking weight off bar for my buddy and it felt really tight. Kind of went away when I had him dig his fist into it a bit. But not sure, it came back pretty quick.


Take it easy for a few days and see if you feel any better.

I may have done something similar back at xmas. Lowering the weight from a snatch I felt my right spinal erector tweak. It felt funny but I was able to finish my workout. Of course, I was unable to rotate or even wash my back for three days, but it did get better.

Anyways, re-evaluate in a few days. Also consider stretching on a regular basis and improving your warmups.


I remember getting that feeling when I first started doing front squats. Did you just recently take a break or did you just start doing them for the first time?


Took a break from front squats for awhile (5 weeks)first set coming back. Now that I can remember a bit clearer, the pain i feel first started about a night ago while doing single arm seated rows. But the pain then was nothing, the muscle just felt tight when my sets were finnished.


Keep in mind that front squats are also an incredible core workout.

Sounds like you "overdid it." Take a break and ease back into it.


Sure have. happened about a month ago. Right in the spot you are talking about. I really believe it is from trying to maintain a tight verticle torso. I "over" arched my back to prevent being pulled forward. This overcompensation caused me to tweak it. I just iced/heated and was back doing front squats in week.


I did the same thing on the front squats about two weeks ago. I have also had back trouble before. I think if it was real serious you would have known it at the time. It's probably just a little tweak, you'll know tomorrow for sure. Try some heat or ice 20 minutes at a time and keep it stretched out.