Tweaked Back, Routine Advice

hey all
i had extensive knee surgery a few years back and on very rare occasions (once every few months) my knee will click. Well this happened to my last week while i was squating and it caused me to loss form and i tweeked my back. my chiropractor told me i have minor ligament strains and can do no spinal loading until its healed. so squats, deads and any bent over exersize ( rows, back flys) are out of the picture for a few weeks minimal.

I lift at home and have a impex powerhouse rack. i have an olympic bar and db up to 40 lbs (i know i know i need heavier ones im saving up)
heres a link to a picture of the same model i have.

would it be wise to start focusing on a one body part during these weeks. say arms or chest? and try to bring them up.

any advice/comments are appreciated

Read my post here.

thanks bro that helped alot