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Tweak Sl 5x5 or Do SS 3x5 or 5/3/1


Currently doing Sl, really really content with the program, but i feel i'm getting closer to stalling.

Almost had one stall with my squats and afterwards did the same weight again and on another session added 1kg instead of 2kgs and this made a world of difference and felt great. I also would like to start adding more martial arts training back into my program and i wouldnt mind a little less intensity every workout since it is getting really intense. So i was thinking, after i stall 3 times in the future i am supposed to go to another program like ss or 5/3/1, but could i instead continue with SL( 5x5) and only add half of the normal weight per session?

I'm asking because im a wise ass and always tweaked my programs/ made my own programs wich cost me years and years of useless training.

Opinions please, tx.


stalling is part of any beginner LP program. The SL site probably has more infor on what to do regarding it.

SS has a pretty standard 3 stalls in a row, 3 different times, with a deload after each occasion. SS, despite the lower volume, is definitely not any less intense.... in fact it is more intense because you'll be lifting heavier weights.

Read up on what to do regarding the stalls in SL and follow the program. SL has you stalling earlier than SS because of the extra volume. That being said, you could even probably jump onto SS after SL to milk the beginner gains a bit more. I read on another site to even go through 4-5 stalls on SS (I've only run it through 3, and it was TOUGH going at the end) and that you shouldn't move on from the upper body work until both bench and OHP stall at the same time.

Also, are you sure you really want to do more MA training or just looking for an excuse to avoid intensity. It sounds like you're approaching the toughest and most beneficial (esp mentally) part of the program and looking for an out.


I am looking for an out, well maybe not an out but i'd like a little less intensity. MA training is my main thing, i started strength training to suplement my MA. That said i'm really into strength training now, at the expense of my MA. I need to do both and with this intensity its not going to workout.


From what I've read, and they can correct me if I'm wrong, I'm sure all the guys in the combat forum would say to switch programs to something less intense and focus on technique first and foremost... something like 531... I think Waterbury also has a bunch of stuff for fighters (rotational lifts) and GPP.

But it's up to you if you think your strength levels aren't at a sufficient place.... you could ride it out a bit more. Can you pick someone your size up?

Don't switch to SS to escape intensity, though.


Yes i can lift heavier guys easily, i dont want to switch to ss to escape intensity. I was wondering if SL with only half the added weight youre suposed to add would be a good golden mean.


move on to madcow, less aggressive progression and seems to get more consistent results


I will look into it tx.


What about this 5/3/1 template


Also buy the book if not familiar with the program.


Hi i have read the book and i am considering 5/3/1 but i feel it would be more appropriate in a next stage when i am a little stronger and really start struggling with linear progression. Thanks for the link though.