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Tweak My Bent Row

I feel like when im doing my bent rows im only hitting my back right below my shoulders, I want to build so more a little lower so i was wondering if changing my angle would fix this? I was taught from football to have my body parallel to the floor so my angle is like this

(My body is dotted lines/ Floor is connected lines)

If you want to primarily develop lat-width with an exercise (particularly lower lats in this case), then rack “chins” (pronated grip, actually), droop rows, HS pulldowns etc. are your best bets imo… Pulldowns, pullups etc work, too, though for people with high lat-attachments those make it difficult to really utilize the stretch well.

Most rows work better as thickness exercises when done right (some exceptions). BB rows included… You just can’t get a proper lat stretch on those (arm angle).

You are already doing these parallel to the floor, standing more upright will shift the emphasis even more to your backthickness musculature, and eventually even your upper traps.