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TVs in Gyms Mini-Rant

I e-mailed this to a friend and realized that I might as well share with people who might actually be able to relate. :slight_smile:

“My gym installed 4 huge flat-screen TVs when I was away [for Thanksgiving]. Two on each side. I have no problem with TVs when they’re in front of the cardio equipment, but those new TVs were installed in the bloody free weights room! The absolute last thing I want to see when I’m squatting 235 pounds is Channel 7 News. :frowning: I want to meet the jackasses that begged management to install those TVs. If working out in a gym is too fucking boring for you, then maybe working out in a gym isn’t something that you should be doing after all, hmm?”

I was pretty shocked to find tv’s on treadmills at my new gym. Don’t know why, but I was.

Most TV sucks anyway. How can you lift to the TV? Music is the only way.

Find a new gym and tell them why you are leaving. Tell your new gym why you switched so they don’t make the same mistake.

Same thing happened at my gym not too long ago. I too can see the point of putting TVs in front of the treadmills, but the whole TV-next-to-squat-rack thing just confuses me. While I watched them carry these boxes into the gym, I couldn’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, the ungodly amount of money they spent on them might have been put to better use buying, oh I don’t know, new equipment? Maybe a new set or two of dumbbells to replace the ones that will fall apart while held over your head? The financial priorities of most big gyms are completely off-track in my opinion.

I share your guys’ sentiments. I work at The Wave, a fitness facility with a decent weight room setup. No one really uses the free-weight equipment so I virtually get the squat rack to myself.


They took the pleasure of installing 4 (yes, FOUR!) new TVs throughout the weight room.

If someone is watching TV, I kick them off the piece of equipment they’re on.

Just finished a set of Incline presses and want to recline back and watch ABC? Get the hell off my equipment!

Plus, the damn remotes hang down on a spiral rubber thing. Nothing more irritating than finishing a set of DB presses, getting up, and hitting your head on one while walking back to the rack.

Rant over.


(Speaking of random, I just had a guy ask me how to perform chin ups on a flat bench…

He meant crunches.


Screw 'em.


hhmph, sorry to hear guys. we have ONE tv by the freeweights. Its way up in the corner of the room though, so its not much of a distraction. Most of us guys enjoy it though. Its better to just check out the screen than pacing around in circles when youre on your rest. At least i think so. Were all different though :smiley:

[quote]Zap Branigan wrote:
Find a new gym and tell them why you are leaving. Tell your new gym why you switched so they don’t make the same mistake.[/quote]

I would, if there was any other hardcore gym at its price ($29 a month, I got the student discount) near where I work. I could ask the manager to turn certain TVs off if they’re near a piece of equipment that I’m planning to use.

I usually work out in the early morning before work so there aren’t that many people in the free weight room and the people who are there are actually “serious” lifters, especially since they get up at 5 AM or earlier like I do. :slight_smile:

But still… you’d think my gym would survey its members or something. “Hey, 4 members want TV in the free-weight room. :::Looks at the other 50 people in that room::: Okay, we don’t need to redo the men’s shower and buy a glutes-hams-gastroc raise after all!”

My gym (a Golds) has a big screen TV in front of a leather sofa set. It points directly at the front desk of all things. There are, of course, TVs all through the cardio area which I don’t mind, especially if they’re on a news channel with close captioning and no sound. I plan to ask the management if they plan to install TVs in the weight area. If so… I’m gone. That’s ridiculous!

How are you going to hear the TVs? Are they all going to be on the same channel? Are they going to stop playing music?

My current gym has TVs in front of all the cardio equipment but you have to plug in your headpones to the machine to listen. I don’t get how you could have a TV and music or multiple TVs otherwise.

Someone didn’t think this through.

My Golds has a two 34ish inch TV stacks in every corner and midpoint of every wall of every room, plus more than a dozen pointing at the cardio deck, and little 4 inch LCDs on each piece of equipment, all on the same damn channel! At least its music videos, but it’s crap music. I swear they see me walk in and queue up Brittney.
Total, I’d guess there’s upwards of 35 or fourty large TVs in Golds. Even at a discounted price, that a lot of decent equiptment they could have bought.

TV’s in the cario area are fine by me.

What’s frustrating is when an establishment has on CNN or Fox News, who air fucking snippet stories on an 8 minute loop, and there’s a placard on the TV saying “Please don’t change the station, ask an attendant for assistance.” That shit gets old. Put the damn TV’s on music video’s or ESPN or a local news station… Damnit.

I agree with not having TV’s in the weight room, that is a waste of money IMO.

If you’re going to spend money on something, either spend it on new equipment or the construction of a “creepy old naked guys” locker room. Their balls are saggy, wrinkled, and dangly. Nobody wants to see that shit.


My gym has a mini flat tv in front of every cardio machine, about 40 in total. All of them can be turned to any channel and are muted and can be heard if you plug your own headphones in. In the weight section they have several normal tv mounted by the ceiling also muted. I’m fine with them because they are either on espn or fit tv (with hot women doing stupid cardio dances)

I’m not okay with a TV being anywhere in the gym. I agree with someone’s sentiment above that if training is so uninteresting for you that you need to watch TV, then maybe you should watch TV at home. I’ll even add that if you can watch TV while doing it, I don’t think you’re really doing very much. Same thing with people I see reading books and magazines while running on the hamster wheels. Wow, must be a productive workout if you can digest your developmental psych textbook while you’re doing it.

In my particular gym, they even have a huge projection TV in the lounge area downstairs, away from the weights and cardio where you can sit and vegetate. It’s generally on soap operas so the desk staff can watch them during the day.

I feel bad for you guys wit the tv’s in the weight rooms. My gym has 7 tv’s in the cardio room, of which all are on either news or music videos(crap!) Then they have a lounge area/smoothie bar with like 9 bigscreen tv’s stacked together to make one giant freakin screen.

Funny thing is I never EVER see that huge screen on, then again it is right outside of the free weight room. Maybe if I go in the eveings it will be on, but since I get there before the sun comes up, almost noone there. It’s like having a gym all to myself! If they ever put tv’s in the weight room though, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.