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Ok I am not Amish and as a matter a fact I have a associates in electronic technology. I also worked in a repair center for 2 years and was a diagnostic tech for the single most largest home furnishing store in the united state BUT?..
I can not seem to notice all the posts that have some thing to do with T.V. I got rid of mine about 3 years ago, after breaking a serious play station addiction. I no longer had time for it and to tell you the truth I don?t miss it. The only times it would be nice is when I have friends over so we could watch a DVD or two but other than that I don?t need it. I might be a little extreme but I am also one of those people the basis where they live by how close it is to the gym. Let me know what you think. Has T.V. made you miss a few work out or sooo… Or how big do you think you would be if you did not have one.

What about ESPN!! How do you sleep at night withought your sports fix? I don’t watch much TV either. But no ESPN, that is insanity! Lack of sporcenter has clearly gotten to your head. My words of advice: buy a TV, turn it to ESPN throw away the remote and brake the channel changing buttons. Watch as much sportcenter as possible, Then call me in the morning damnit!
Come back to T-Land! ASAP!

no tv=no porno=no way.

I hit a few sports bars once and a while and all they have on is espn. I do here a lot of radio. Thanks for the post…pretty funny… I just dont see justfiying paying for cable. You think suplments cost to much dam have you seen a cable bill.

I gotta have my TV. NHL Center Ice every night, Football on Sundays, Lakers, man, I can’t imagine life without my TV.

Has it caused me to miss workouts? No, TV isn't that important.

Good for you, man! I think it is very respectable that someone can not own a tv and be fine with it. I know the shit rots my brain, and I watch a fraction of what some people watch. Have I missed a workout because of it? I don’t know. I’ve missed plenty of workouts over the years because of pure lazyness, but whether it was the tv’s fault, I don’t know. I would miss sports, The Simpsons and The Sopranos, though.

Mixed opinions on this one…while I do thing TV can screw with your priorities, especially with that oh-so-addictive way that so many people (um…myself frequently included) HAS to finish a program that he/she has started to watch, even when it’s not that great. On the other hand, the cardio machine without the television to keep me brain dead would bore the living shite out of me.

Thanks for clarifying for us that you’re not amish, because I would’ve been stumped for days on how you made this post if you were.

Gave up TV - with a very few exceptions - a long while back. I do use the TV for language learning (it’s the ultimate tool for that), and I do watch a fair number of videos that I rent from the local store. But as for “normal” TV watching? Nah. Rots the brain. I’d much rather spend time with a book.

Any book.

I really don’t understand. To me, this is like saying “I never read the newspaper,” with pride. Information and popular culture are available through the television, and while it can certainly be addictive, it isn’t in and of itself a bad thing. Moderation.

You know, I haven’t owned a television in 6 years… but I admit when i started lifting again a couple years ago, I was living at home and watched Dragonball Z regularly. It was right around the Cell saga, where Goku and Gohan were in the time-chamber. It helped motivate me a little. Still, I’m happier without it.

I love television. If I couldn’t watch “Alias” or “Buffy” or “24” I would feel robbed!