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TV Show: The Doctors


Okay I don't know why but this show pisses me off for some reason.

The one thing that got me the most was a African American personal trainer went on complaining about how his calves do not match the rest of his body. He was like "I work out hard everyday and am a persoanl trainer but my calves suck. Is there anything you can recommend to get them to match the rest of my body?"

I was telling my gf "Well most black people have high insertion points and muscle bellies on their calves and is something they have to live with. They have to really pack on muscle mass and or concentrate on calf work." I remember Professor X always saying that his calves have high muscle bellies and are hard to really make bigger/stand out. This PT wasn't very big maybe 180lbs by judging on t.v.

So what the doctors recommended was calf implants. Yes, calf implants. When does it get to a point were calf implants are needed to really match it to the rest of your body? That's all they recommend is some type of surgical procedure. WHAT happened to "love your body the way it is"? Or "Keep working at it, you'll get there"? Actually tho it's all about surgeries that fixes "everything".

What does everyone else think about this? Don't get me wrong tho, there are things that cannot be fixed without surgeries but really to the extent to make calves bigger with implants, common.


I think the show for the most part is decent. I try to catch a few minutes of it while at the gym during the day.

The best one was where they had these smokin hot blonde triplets :wink:


I'll admit the information they give out is good, but to the average person it is relatively all new information, believe it or not.

I quite enjoyed the heart surgery one.

But things like Dr. Phil's wife (I think) going on the show to talk about a book of her called home remedies like she invented them. I'm sure all of them were used for years prior to her even thinking about them.


There is that hot Gynecologist...if I was a chick, I'd let her fiddle with my snatch. Did I say that out loud?


I agree to some degree...but it took getting my weight well over 100lbs heavier than that guy to get my calves the way they are now. They used to be so bad when I was under 200lbs that I figured calf implants would be the only way to get them to match up. They used to be completely straight down to the ankle. Some people just don't have the genetics for gaining a lot of muscle there and they damn sure won't improve on someone like that if they aren't willing to push the envelope with overall body mass

I am not saying I agree with calf implants, but that if someone is planning on sitting at 180lbs with those small calves, they might as well get used to them being small.

That would pretty much be the same as someone weighing 160lbs wondering why they haven't gained 5 inches on their biceps. To gain that much would mean they would no longer be anywhere near 160lbs.

Most people don't have the drive to gain a lot of muscle...and if someone is a fucking personal trainer at only 180lbs, they are likely the type who think anything much bigger than that is "freaky". In the end, the real problem is the fact that grown men are now afraid of muscles or gaining more body weight. His calves would grow if he got bigger all over.


Sounds to me like they're trying to get more business for plastic surgeons. (I have not seen this show, so I have no idea if they are the money-grubbing marketting type)

I recall in another thread about calves (perhaps part of an article discussion) which said, I believe, Flex Wheeler had the typical high insertion point, and yet still made the best of it, looking like a grapefruit on a popsicle stick, as I believe the current adage is. Perhaps the PT, like myself, is surrounded by a bunch of fat people/slimmed down fat people who have HOLY CRAP HUMONGOUS calves.


I understand if implants are needed for bodybuilding competitions (if they are allowed, don't know. If you could enlighten me?) where they are judged on making their muscle look the best along with competing for money.

To me this personal trainer is just looking for a quick fix because he sounded like he has that mind set that he thinks he's done everything to get them bigger but failed. Saying such things as "I work out a lot...I'm a personal trainer...but can't get them to match my body...help?"

I find I have high set calves and do not like them either, I just live with them and I have a lot to gain still weight wise. Like you did gaining 100lbs to make them look the way they do now, I think once I do gain a good portion of body weight they will fill out. Time will tell...


I'm the opposite. No way should implants be allowed for competition even if there are no rules against it.

For every day life though if someone works out consistently, eats well, what's wrong with some enhancing? they're not cheating anyone. not saying I would do it, but it would be better than someone doing it in a competition


what if someone is happy with their current size, and gaining 100 lbs for most people to bring up a lagging body part would be absurd.


All the docs say dumb shit all da time.
I bet not they all got d's in med school
they anger me


I understand what your thinking here. We would just have a lot of "fake" bodybuilders on stage. Anyone can get implants and look good but takes a special few to gain muscle mass to look good. Maybe I am just being bias about it all.

I actually like this point a lot and missed that in my thinking. Make sense, thanks.


I don't agree with implants or synthol use...but the truth is, both are probably used more than many of us realize. I know I see signs of synthol use on quite a few NPC lifters (quite a few as in 4 or 5, not everyone). Implants would be harder to get away with in my opinion because for them to match bodybuilding standards, it would create a very massive change that would be evident on anyone who goes from "no development" to "fucking massive in a weak body part" in 6 months.

I am not agreeing with implants, I am simply saying that more of these guys seem to be catching the same mentality women are known for. They won't gain the muscle because they want to look "cute"...so they get implants to take the place of the work they should have done in the gym.

If that guy is truly around 6 feet tall, there is no fucking way 180lbs is his maximum body weight he can attain unless his genetics truly suck for muscle gains.

Yes, I do tend to hate the fact that people want all of the perks of being a big guy without any of the effort. My calves were 18" last I measured them last year. I think they may be bigger now (they feel bigger)...and that is on someone who had some of the weakest calves around in high school.

If he really wanted it bad enough, he would go ahead and gain more size. He wants the easy way out and all of the perks of a serious lifter.