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TV + Laptop = Entertainment


Looking to get a smaller flat screen TV (32" most likely) and plan to hook it up to a laptop so I connect to internet forstreaming video, especially espn3. The other use of the laptop is just email, documents, etc., nothing fancy. Just looking for any suggestions, helpful hints or things to avoid. Not looking for anything fancy.


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Something about "Native Resolution" is coming to mind as important. It really just comes down to how high def you want all the tits and clitorii on your screen to be.


I have my LCD hooked up to my desktop at all times and basically just use it as a giant monitor. Farr superior to tv in my opinion, especially with downloads nowadays.

I did it for gaming when i was hardcore into MMO's now its awesome i can watch anythang and dont even have to get up to put a dvd in the ps3 or anything ITS ALL RIGHT THERE


^^^Have you noticed any issues with the quality of the picture when you are not sitting right in front of the screen?


You have a few options:

  1. Get a simple LCD and connect it via HDMI to your laptop. Your laptop needs an HDMI port though, otherwise you a) won't get a great picture and b) won't have sound without extra cables.

  2. You buy a good LCD with an ethernet port and something like Smart TV built in - you just plug the TV into your router and browse the net direct from there. You can also stream movies, music, etc. wirelessly via your laptop this way.

I have a low-mid range Samsung LCD and it has a fairly basic version of Sammy Smart TV that does YouTube and streaming - works pretty well for me, however browsing internet on a TV isn't great unless you have the PC hooked up to it directly and a separate keyboard/mouse.




RSGZ, do you think there is a real difference between brands? Any particular reason you picked Samsung?


nope no issues man


Definitely, for LCD panels I would go for either Sony or Samsung, personally. You will notice a difference at different price ranges and with various brands, just go into an electronics store and have a look for yourself.


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My current 19" tv is from the early '90s and does not even have numbers on the remote. Anything will look better. The biggest thing my wife and I are discussing is the size. She likes the current size and I am thinking something closer to a 32". There is a good chance we will be ordering it online anyway.


For a 32" I would get a 1080P resolution set, and I'm not sure on how good ESPN 3 is for streaming quality but for watching sports in general a 120 hz LCD is key to avoid ghosting (picture moving faster than the refresh rate of the tv).


To be honest, I have an older 40" Bravia in my bedroom and it's not even 100HZ and I've never seen ghosting on it. I'm sure many of the newer panels suffer less from it.


120hz tvs are going to relics within a year or two.

the difference between 120 and 240hz is amazing. At least for 50+ inch LCDs. Maybe it's not as noticeable at a smaller size, not sure.

Im not talking about ghosting. I meant HD picture quality in general.


Serious question: How can there be a difference between a 120 Hz and a 240-600 Hz screen when you only put in 24 Hz? (Or 60 from a computer)

1080p resolution is a must
Look at reviews of whatever you're buying, and if possible visit a store and see for yourself.
HDMI doesn't always work that well with all computers. So VGA or DVI ports can prove useful.

And I've gotten used to a 46 inch screen. 32 feels very small now. Are you sure 32 is right?


Remember we are used to 19" being our big tv. Our tv room is 10 x 13. We will be sitting about 7 ft away.


Reading CNET they are saying for a smaller tv 720 should suffice.

The only HD we might watch is if we get a HD antenna.


I've been told the eye can't differentiate 720 and 1080 at 32" and under although 1080p is true HD tv.

32" at 7ft should be ideal to take in the full picture.

Just go to the store and look at various screens and resolutions from 7 feet to find your own preference though, probably easiest.

I've been happy with Sony. Great quality, no issues 4 maybe 5 years in. 46" 1080p, 120 Hz

Don't skimp on cables either, you actually do get what you pay for.