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TV Brand Suggestions for Reliability?

Ive had Vizio (trash) and Toshiba. The Toshiba lasted a good while, but started to have screen issues (dark spot on one side of the screen).

Looking for something easy to use and reliable. Long lasting.


I honestly have been impressed with TCL. They are cheap and give a good product. Honestly most of the components are made at the same facilities. I have two and have sold 3 more just based off coming and seeing mine. Check them out.

I’ve always just bought the insignia, from BestBuy. Which, this current version, is just a TCL.

I’ve got 2 55” Samsung’s that I use for my computer monitors at work. They’re on probably 30+ hours a week without issue after a year.

I’ve had a Visio for a couple of years. It has worked out pretty well. I love watching youtube vids on it in HD and bigger than life, but this was my first jump into HD flat screens, so I’m pretty easily impressed.

I ended up with an LG that was on sale. 4k HDR 65 incher for 880 or so, it was on sale, 100 off. No regrets. Thing is super quick with its apps and turning on and stuff. Last tv was a Toshiba, “smart” tv. It handled like a potato when it came to the apps. 5 years old though.

The LG is nice though.