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TV Ads, Beer & Men

Who do the tv ads make men look so stupid? What’s with that?!

Vengeance. Nagging v.2K5

I don’t know the answer to that. How does that one pill help a middle-ages man throw a football so damn good?

I was thinking about this today, as well. My thoughts weren’t so much about why commercials make men look so stupid, but about the damn jingles that get stuck in your head.

I can’t get that new Lime Coke song out of my head.

The same reason that feminine hygiene ads make women look stupid. It’s because the majority of people ARE stupid.


It’s politically incorrect to insult a woman’s intelligence but not a man’s, provided that it is accomplished through subtle clues rather than outright accusations.

Well, that’s lovely Einstien, but you didn’t actually answer the question.

The answer isn’t hard to infer from what I posted:

TV marketers strive to push the envelope of political correctness in their advertisements, but never exceed it.

looking stupid on a beer ad = i feel comfortable as they’re just being men. after all…who wants to hold a conversation. gotta love those sorts of ads…absolutely nuthin to live up to. hey! I like beer too, and I’m a guy, hurray!!!

make men look stupid on women’s ads = annoying attempt to ingratiate product with women. revenge thing is along the right lines.

TC wrote a load about this sort of thing I believe.