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TV addictions

I used to be one of those people who watched maybe 2 hours of TV a week. Now I find myself parked infront of the tube a few nights a week. ER, the practice, NYPD Blue, Law & Order (all versions), and Boston Public are some favorites - though only two of them are actually in my ‘schedule’ the rest I watch if I happen to turn on the the TV at the right time. Personally, I don’t have cable, so my choices are limited…

Comes and goes. Used to have cable, but we’re coming up on four years without it. We get 3 stations on rabbit ears. My in-laws record a couple shows for us each week, and I watch them if I have time (we’ve got a BIG stack of tapes to get back to them). Shows I like to watch: ER, Alias… Well, that’s about it. If I’m at the tube, I’ll catch Fear Factor (something about that show just gets me), 3rd Watch, and Crossing Jordan. My wife gets a LOT more TV time than I care to take – just don’t like sitting around that much. I also have a stack of DVDs that I haven’t watched either. Occasionally I have melt-down days where I do marathon TV sessions, but those are getting more rare.

As the bumper sticker says, “Kill your TV.”

I think the computer has replaced the TV as the number one pastime in alot of America’s homes. Personally, I don’t watch 1/3 as much TV as I did growing up. Don’t even rent as many movies, though I still love 'em. My priorities are just different these days. I do still tune in for two things each week though. I’m a bit of a Sci-fi buff and I love Stargate SG-1 and The Shield.

I used to LOVE Tales from the Crypt on HBO. YEEEAHHHHAAAAAHAAAAHAAAAHAAAA. Now I watch alot cable news shows, Donahue is halarious.

I’m basically a “recovering TV-aholic.” Weekends in particular can be really bad if I don’t have anything going. I will watch most any airing of Married With Children, Twilight Zone, Seinfeld, South Park, Stern and lately I’ve been getting into The Shield. If it wasn’t for TV and the Internet I don’t know what I would do with my time…probably accomplish more I would guess!

I don’t own a TV, so guess this topic doesn’t really apply to me, but I don’t miss it at all; its easy to find other ways to waste time. Case in point: the internet.

Boston Public??? Can’t help but see the promos for it while watching football on FOX. I’ve never seen one public school with so much drama as that one. Gorgeous babe teachers, students banging teachers, teachers banging students, teachers banging teachers, students shooting students, students shooting teachers, well, you get the point.

BTW, that blonde chick teacher is hot :slight_smile:

You’re too smart for that. I predict you will get bored in a few months at most. I have Dtv with god knows how many channels, and I only watch 24, the man show, movies (when there is a good one, which is rare), and fox news with my am coffee.( I have a thing for E.D. Hill) Oh yeah, and pool tournaments on espn, and football. But the network and cable regular programming is by and large the pits. If you add it up, it comes to about 10 hours a week in fball season, much less otherwise. Even that is probably too much.

Three shows demand my consistent viewing: Alias, Buffy and Angel. Use to be a fourth: Firefly. But the idiots that wear suits at FOX cancelled it. It was the best damn sci fi on TV, too. very. sad. Other than that, if we had cable, it’d be either anything about sports (particularly boxing or MMA) and Food Network.

When Ko gets up to go to work (at 4AM), I do like to turn on "Texas Justice" - cuz I think it's a damn fun way to wake up.

Yup, Boston Public, you didn’t have stuff like that in your school? I used to babysit for a teacher while she dated a 10th grader - she has two kids and was in her late 20’s. Sure, BP has more than its fair share of hot teachers, but even my little 100 people per grade school had a few hotties, male and female. Our assistant principal also get divorced and married a teacher in less than a year. My ex’s school had a ‘scandle’ where the scoccer coach was involved with a player. It happens…

I’ve become addicted to those stupid “reality t.v. shows”. I especially like the “the bachelor”, “the bachelorette”, “temptation Island”, and shows of that nature. I know it’s pathetic and those shows are crap, but I can’t help myself. I’m even watching that stupid “Joe millionaire”. Other than that I like “Iron chef”.

For me it’s Sportscenter, Football, Simpsons or CSI. Football and CSI are the only regularly watched ones.

It was extremely hard for me not to watch football all day Saturday and Sunday during last semester but I managed pretty well. I only watched, at most, 1 game/week. Usually caught the highlights on Sportscenter. Only other show I wach consistently (read every night) is Seinfeld syndicated on Fox. If the wife has something on though I am forced to be subjected to its stupidity. Real World, Dating shows, Bachelorette, Joe Millionaire, etc.

Well when I had cable I was glued to History Channel, Cartoon network, TLC, discovery channel, travel and animal planet, and PBS. Good stuff always learned stuff. Its been 2 weeks and Ive been on History channel and Cartoon network channel withdrawl. It hurts sooooo much…I need to docus of WW2. Well only thing thats great on regular channel and I think has to be the best current series out there is 24. That show rocks. Can’t waite when the president tortures his own cabinet member for information! 24 ROCKS!

Batz - I know what you mean! My parents have cable and I can’t seem to get off my ass when History Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, or A&E are on. I’m not getting cable for that reason! There was this awesome program about kimono dragons last Saturday… you don’t die frim their bite, you die from the cesspool of bacteria that live in their mouths…

Two bona fide addictions: The Osbournes and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Funniest shows on television.

Actually, it’s komodo dragon. A kimono is something you wear. But yeah, those are some fascinating creatures. Wanted one for a pet a long time ago.

Well, if you killed one you could make a kimono, ok? laugh Ewww, gross!

Michelle- What ever way they spell it, the little bastards will kill ya. You think they could at least brush their teeth! Maybe then it wouldn’t happen. I always liked docu’s on there about people getting bitten by a poisonous snake. One guy in Africa did, some how drove to the nearest person who took him to the hospital. They didn’t know what was wrong with him so he when into a conscious coma (he was awake but could not react with the world) for 3 days till he fought off the venom. Talk about getting screwed by the HMOs lol.