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Tutti Frutti Summerlove


Damn. The worst part is I don’t think this is a parody band.

Check out the frame ca. 3:14 elapsed time. WTF?

Looks like some dude and his junk at 3.14

Oh shit,

Another Gunther song. Well, at least that guy at 3:14 could have covered his Tra la la… ding ding dong. I find it strange that for a video with gorgeous chicks, that there would be homoerotic undertones, but maybe it is a Danish/Sweedish thing; not that there’s anything wrong with it. Pardon me as I wash my eyes out with gasoline after seeing “toned smooth guys” in spandex straddling a motorcycle. -Starkdog

Damn, that just ruined my day…thanks

I wish my computer had an headshot-button sometimes…actually most of the time

what the fuck is all that about.