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Tuscherer, 320kg x 2 Beltless Squat


Ain't much to say. The best of the best!!!




Watch how hard his hips externally rotate on the first one. It's a fucking perfect squat. The second one, you can tell his hips are tired because he internally rotates and his knees come in. He looked like he could have gotten another one if his knees stayed in the same position as the first rep.


Great fucking lift Stallion... coincidentally I just found some of your other vids on youtube before seeing this vid.

^@STB: This is why I stalk your ass around here... picking up tidbits of knowledge. lol


This guy continues to amaze me


minus the 50 second intro... I am speechless.


I don't think I've ever seen anyone be more methodical for a lift, Just awesome.


Awsome lift. What's the string looking thing attached to the bar?


Tendo unit for measuring bar speed.


I love the little wiggle into the bar, haha! Fantastic set.




Voice in the background is his coach who is watching and commenting via skype.


Great videos to watch before you hit big lifts, no noise, no BS just Mike T. making gravity his bitch.