Turpins Log

Thought I would start my own training log here , Ive been posting for a few years on Dr Dardens site on T-Nation for a number of years but it would seem that my training has evolved to something outside of the HIT remit.

I am 46 yrs of age & a former powerlifter , a sport in which I done quite well with , with both regional & national ( different associations ) titles to my credit … ALL drug free. I competed as a 75 kg lifter/middleweight and had 600lb + squat and deadlift … but my bench was lacking to make it any further and injury put paid to any further enjoyment in the sport.
I have also dabbled with bodybuilding/physique competition and despite doing very well the subjectivity of it all was not for me.

To-date I train only recreationally and have got myself back to a degree of condition that I once prided myself in. I enjoy a mixture of training protocol ( heavy , moderate , light and a mixture of volume ) and in particular the ideals of Gironda in terms of exercise choice and physical ideals , and Mike Mentzer on recovery.

My present training is as follows;

Mon ; Chest/Back 

Chin to sternum 4 x8 reps
s/setted with
Gironda ( reverse grip ) dips 4 x8 reps

Neck press 5 x8 reps
s/setted with
High pulley row 5 x8 reps

Wed ; legs

Cable Belt/sissy squat 5 x15 reps

Cable/belt calves 5 x30 reps

Prone hypers 5 x10 reps

15 breaths between each set on each exercise.

Fri; Shoulders/arms

U/row 4 x8 reps
s/setted with
R/lateral raise 4 x8 reps

(15 breaths between s/sets)

D/bell preacher curl(bi-lateral)4 x8 reps
s/setted with
D/bell ext 4 x8 reps
( 15 breaths between s/sets )

O/head pulley pushdown 4 x8 reps
( 15 breaths between sets )



Impressive Bio and physique…welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard. Looking good .

[quote]MattyXL wrote:
Impressive Bio and physique…welcome aboard![/quote]

Thankyou , much appreciated.


[quote]FISCHER613 wrote:
Welcome aboard. Looking good .[/quote]

Many thanks.