Turning Wood Into Bone

BBC News - Turning wood into bones


[quote]Scientists in Italy have developed a way of turning rattan wood into bone that is almost identical to the human tissue.

At the Istec laboratory of bioceramics in Faenza near Bologna, a herd of sheep have already been implanted with the bones.

The process starts by cutting the long tubular rattan wood up into manageable pieces.

It is then snipped into even smaller chunks, ready for the complex chemical process to begin.

The pieces are put in a furnace and heated.

In simple terms, carbon and calcium are added.

The wood is then further heated under intense pressure in another oven-like machine and a phosphate solution is introduced.[/quote]

you sir, have blown my mind

I must say, I love how medicine progresses.

Sweet. With a billion dollars I can get bigger wrists to put bigger Rolex watches on.

This is impressive material science…

hmmm…am I the only one who thought this was going to be about a testosterone booster?

“If you think you got hard before, Miracle Labs has something that will turn your wood into BONE!”

On a serious note, though, that is cool. It could help many accident victims.

When I saw the words “wood” and “bone”, I thought I had accidentally logged onto the SAMA forums.


EDIT: Sorry Storemike. I hadn’t seen your post.

so the wood used as a scaffold?

So… this isn’t a new joke about Tiger Woods? Carry on.