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Turning Vague Advice Into Programming

Good day,
I read an article written by Charles Poliquin regarding building size and strength. The article said to find your six rep max in four exercises, “train your ass off” and then try your six rep maxes four months later. The article never eluded to programming this advice though. I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight as to how one would train for this as he claims you should’ve built significant muscle after the four months.

Understandably, the people who run T-Nation will not let stand a link to a different weightlifting-related website.

Poliquin has a number of articles archived on this site; perhaps the answer to your question will be found there.

Doesn’t seem like something that needs explaining really. If you train hard for 4 months, you will be bigger and stronger.

Try 5/3/1 or Westside Barbell for Skinny Bastards.

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