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Turning TRT into First Cycle. Advice?

Hello all. I started TRT about 9 months ago and I’m on Test Cyp 200mg/week split into two doses. I’m on a cut right now and when I’m down sub %15bf within the next 5 weeks I will do a test prop 8 week cycle @ 125mg eod. Now my question is, since my TRT brings me up to a normal test level, do I continue to do my 200mg/week test cyp injections AND add the 500mg/week test prop? Or do I drop the test cyp and just blast the test prop? Thanks a lot.

Just blast the prop. Save your Rx stuff for when you’re back to your normal routine. No need to fire up 700mg quite yet.

Thanks for the reply. I will stick to that. My thinking would be that since I am baseline normal on 200mg/week then the 200mg+500mg/week would be the same as a person who doesn’t have low t and does 500mg/week, what’s the reasoning behind it, I’m curious.

You’re looking at it the wrong way. Let’s say you’re at 1,000ng/dl with your trt and the natty next to you is at the same. He starts taking 500/w. He’s now at 0 naturally, just as you are. He gets to 3,000 with that dose. You add 300mg to your protocol and you end up at 3,000 as well. He’s just as shut down as you are, yet his 500mg does the same for him as it will do for you.

Disclaimer: numbers are for illustrative purposes only

Exogenous test does not compound on to natural test levels. When exogenous test is introduced natural test production is shut down.

I’m not on trt (yet) but I actually kinda like the idea of adding the prop to you normal trt dose. My thinking for it isn’t related to how high your levels would get but rather its the transfer back from prop to cyp or lack of transfer if you were to just add the prop on top.

My theory is when you stop the prop and start the cyp back it’s going to take a while for the cyp to reach that steady trt level but it only take a week for the prop to clear out so your gonna spend about 3-4 weeks getting back up to that steady trt level after the prop clears.

Now if you kept the cyp the whole time you avoid all this once you stop the prop the prop will drop off and you will be back to normal trt within roughly a week and you avoid any harsh dip below “normal”

Its early and I’m just having my coffee so this might be completely crazy. Maybe someone can come along and confirm or explain why this is wrong.

You could throw the cyp back in 3-4 weeks before you stop the prop.

I actually read here a while back now that you mention it where someone recommended similar. It would go like this for me:
Sunday- 100/mg TestC 100/mg TestP
Tuesday- 100/mg TestP
Thursday- 100/mg TestC 100/mg TestP

At the end of the week you’ve got two days between your next TestP injection but I believe its somewhat negligible since your levels are pretty steady with the TestC. Makes for an easy schedule at least. Maybe I’m wrong.


That makes sense, thanks for the info.