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Turning Skinny Calfs into Muscley Calfs!

Hey all, im looking ANYYY advice on getting my calfs to grow a few inches atleast!
Im doing a workout atm, but wanna try new stuff aswell. Different ways!

Right now im doing 100reps per set. 4 times, with a 2 min rest period.
I will still keep doing this but would like any more ideas.

Why 100 reps per set? Pick something you can progress to heavier weights with.

But in my experience, no matter what I’m doing for calves, their growth seems to depend almost solely on my weight gain. They get bigger as I get bigger, whether I’m working them out a ton, or not much. So, I hope you plan on gaining a lot of weight, especially if you want them to grow ‘a few inches atleast!’ That’s a lot.

Try 15 mins of walking/jogging on an incline treadmill (walking on your toes, never let heels touch the “ground”) or rope jumping. In my experience, calf respond better to a high frequency of training: try working them up to five times a week (for a while, at least).

do em like this and make sure to include that nice stretch at the bottom (around 10 sec). shoot for at least 12 reps on standing or seated. pick a moderate weight where rep 7-8 u want to quit but push on…

u can alternate seated and standing workout to workout.

yet i know from bigger guys, that adding overall weight whilst hitting your calves hard will bring up the size. Yet if you weren’t genetically disposed with decent calves then they’ll never be a “stand out” part for you.

Search function ftw

I gained 70lbs of bodyweight.

My calves gained 3 inches.

No direct training.

[quote]bigwill_sunn wrote:
Hey all, im looking ANYYY advice on getting my calfs to grow a few inches atleast![/quote]

To see “a few inches” of calf growth, like the others have said, your bodyweight is going to have to increase. What’s your current height, weight, and measurements?

Where’d this idea/plan come from? If you did 4 sets of 100 reps of barbell curls, would you expect bigger biceps? Survey says… … … no.

What you do for the rest of your body is more important that what you specifically do for calves (though some direct work is, of course, essential).

What does your entire workout program look like (days, exercises, sets, and reps)?

Theres this poliquin exercuise that I found to work well.

please excuse the way I explain it:

grab a barbell and in a squat type position jump up and down for approximately 20 sec intervals landing only on your toes. you then can increase the weight on the barbell.

I have poor calves myself and found some growth using this method, extremely difficult, but fruitful

Wear a weighted vest and go for a walk everyday on your toes.

[quote]Therizza wrote:

Search function ftw[/quote]

I’ve incorporated this as well as another workout from an article from T-Nation and I’ve seen pretty noticeable results. Running a mile on an intense hill (45 degrees or more) works for me too. I’d recommend a search on calves on this site in the article section and you’ll find more than enough to not only get you started but to actually get you where you need to be.

Perhaps try and work your tibialas anterior as well as your gastrocs and soleus. I take a weight and put pressure on my toe and lift my toee up as far as possible.