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Turning Life Around

i am 30 years old 98 % of my life i have been over weight .I have had it last 2 months i have started to turn my life around eating right and i have dropped 40lbs in 2 1/2 months…

question is i weight about 273 now and i don’t want to be a little guy so do i need to continue losing weight before i start on lifting weights or lift but do small amounts?i want to get buff while i am still kind of young .lol.

i would like to stay no more then 225lbs.but no less then 200lbs

Umm, whatever your goal is - lift weights. It’ll help you lose fat faster, and make you look better. Are you really 30? You write like you are 12. Sorry if you’ve got some issues, but spending a couple of extra seconds on a post will get you better responses.

Always lift weights, no matter what you fitness goals are.

And yes, it is still alright to lift heavy. Just don’t hurt yourself.

Great job on the progress for one.

  1. Lifting weights is always the first option (I forget which article it goes through the hierarchy of importance of physical activity for fat loss but lifting weights is one, then hard cardio is below it, then the other stuff). Good read for a beginner, try to search on it.

2)When you start lifting weights you want to be in the 6-10 rep range usually for a bit. I beleive its because below that screws with your tendons in your joints till they get used to the external resistance…could be wrong, but I think that is fairly accurate. Best bet just grab a beginners program off this site adn get started.

Lifting will not only burn more overall cals than running. But the more muscle you have the easier it is to be lean. there are a lot of people who diet and cardio so hard and all they have to show for it is a frail body (and still no six pack-damn that skinny fat thing…).

Good job so far, keep up the work, and now add in some weights and you will be looking better even faster.

Thanks for the replys you guys have sent.it really helps alot since i have no clue about weights and where to start on them .Just glad i have finnaly found the will power to improve this shell i live in ,

It has already change my outlook on life ,i have a son so i find it very important to be a role model foe him and show him that hard work and eating right is the right way to live,anymore advice would be very helpful to me ,again thanks a ton for any help for this newbie

To start with focus on the big exercises for basic movements - deadlift, squat, row, pullup (or pulldown), overhead press, bench press.

Learn to deadlift and squat properly. Those exercises work a huge amount of muscle. If you can’t find anyone to coach you in them let us know and we’ll point you to some articles and videos. You can start with just the bar and practice the form at home even with a broomstick. Once you feel you know what you’re doing (which could be the first day) start adding weight.

Here’s one very simple program you could do: