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Turning Forum Into Convention?

Have you ever considered having a T Nation convention or similar? It seems all prerequisites are there. I think it could be a memorable event.

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a good number of us dislike being in large crowds of people

We would probably also deplete the local meat supply


I’ve actually daydreamed about that before

I’m not speaking in any official capacity, but forum members have organized unofficial meetups in the past.


Decent amount of our best people also live overseas.

But there are several people on here who (I think) would be awesome to meet IRL. I’d love to hear an in-person reading of @twojarslave’s erotic literature someday.

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I suppose I owe the entire forum and @jshaving in particular an apology. I lied about my level of accomplishment in erotic fiction writing recently in another thread. I hope you can overlook this stain upon my reputation.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Please just give me some time to process and come to terms with everything.

Well, there you have your new year’s resolution: To write an erotic novel - for a convention that most likely will never happen. :laughing:

In my mind, that never-to-happen convention also would feature a Powerpoint presentation by @SkyzykS - going deeper into his ramblings with “online friends”. I would like to hear more about how he solved “payment for gas”, and “gas from the tacos”. :laughing:

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“She” pretty much ghosted me after this:

But not this! :

:man_shrugging: I dunno. I’m starting to begin to think I don’t understand women.


I’m with you! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Start a thread dude. Sure to get a concise, actionable answer from that.

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Lets have it :joy:

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Pretty sure that’s quite out of the question nowadays, given the current state of the world. The logistics (and liability) for putting together a giant group event is a no-go.

However, it’s not too uncommon for members to take the initiative themselves for informal get-togethers when they’re passing through an area. @flipcollar did this a while back and it was pretty great:

There was also a general “NY/NJ Meetup Thread” running for a while where a few of us locals got together a couple of times over the years to train and then grab food.

So, yeah and no, there are no plans on the horizon for an official T-vention. But if anybody wants to arrange to meet quasi-anonymous online personalities in the real world, um, I guess good luck??


LOL we really could just start a zoom meeting


That was so much fun! Man, that was a great trip. That was my first time to NY, too. NY is quite an experience now… I was there for a few days in November. VERY different from Texas. LOL

I’ve met quite a few TNation members at this point, mostly through the contact via the forums. New York was one time, met a few guys there, I met a few members at the Arnold in Ohio a few years ago. I met a member (Yogi) in Scotland when I was there. And I’ve connected with others through social media (like count rockula… yes he’s real.) Most recently I met @strongmanbrett like 9 months ago at a competition in Houston.

Anyone who comes to Texas, or specifically Dallas is free to give me a shout, I’m up for meeting anyone from here!


Did you guys stay in touch after that meeting? FB friends or anything? If you want to keep it private, that’s totally cool, I just always wondered where he went.

I haven’t talked to him in a couple years, but we did keep in touch via email for a bit.

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I competed (with, not against) @theonecamko at a couple strongman shows and we trained at the gym he goes to once. Great dude.

Looking forward to seeing ya next weekend too!

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Anyone care to come to pissburgh?