Turning a friend into a girlfriend

Quick question for all you out there.

Ive got a great female friend who I basically
spend a shitload of mmy time with, always going out to the movies or dinner, basically always together. The problem is that I want it to become more then that Ii want it to develop into a relationship

Any hints???

PS. Do relationships in the workplace work out??

Be a man and lay it on the line. Deal with the repurcussions.

Oh man, once you’ve crossed that line into “friend” territory it’s VEEEEEERY hard to turn it into anything else. Best of luck!

Chubby: Just a couple of things:

  1. NEVER consider a workplace relationship if you have some type of authority over her OR visa versa.

  2. Consider one BUT VERY CAREFULLY if it would be difficult for the two of you to do your jobs if a)she realizes your true feelings but may not be interested and/or b)the “souring” of the relationship would make working difficult.

    3)Sincerity and “laying the ole’ heart on the line” is tough…but the rewards can be incalcuable. Hope this helps!

Go for this girl, she is obviously the one for you and if you know it then tell her about it. Also, the biggest regrets in life are the chances never taken. How would it make you feel if she started a conversation with you and said “Hey ____, I met the greatest guy last night.” (kinda sick inside right?) Well if you wait too long it WILL happen so get on the fucking ball.

I know how u feel man - I have a friend that I hang out with all the time…I fell in love with her. Sad thing is, I waited too long and now she’s all over this other dude. My blood is pumping as I type this…I just wanna go up to him and GORE him - RhYno Style! Don’t wait till it’s too late man, let her know how u feel about her.

Well IMHO women should know that men are friends with them because 1) they want to get some 2) they are getting some 3) they have hot friends. There are few guys who would rather hang out with women instead of the guys. There are exceptions with the cool girls who just like to watch football and drink though, but who wouldn’t want to be with them?

Good news (sort of). Either (1) she has the hots for you also or (2) she has pegged you as a friend and there is probably nothing you can do to change it. Your job is to find out which. This depends upon how well you can read people. However if she is interested in you, she will generally give you clues.

Chubby, you have to make the first move. When the timing is right (she’s in a good mood), tell her how you feel. If she says she thinks of you “as a great friend,” or “the timing isn’t right,” you have no chance of getting intimate with her. Either way, sounds like you want to know where you stand and the only way to find out is by asking. Put her on the spot, let her answer you in person…

DO NOT SHIT WHERE YOU EAT! You will only regret it. You have no idea just how much people love to talk shit behind your backs. It only ruins the relationship.