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Turning 40 - Need a 40 Rep Challenge


I'm turning 40 this weekend and want a 40 rep challenge. Something like 275 for a straight set of 40 on squat or a 4 x 10 circuit of squat@315 DL@315 and BP@225...

Any ideas?

My current numbers are 455 squat, 455 DL and 345 BP.


Your body weight in squats x40 1 set bar stays on your back.

So if you weigh 235 well you need to that 40 times.

And video or it didn't happen


You could take 85-90% of your 1rm and do 1 rep every minute for 10 minutes and do that with Squat, Bench, deadlift and OHP.


I like this - I'm 265 so that is def a solid challenge.


Here ya go...

...I know i didn't go as low as needed on a few. I was still hurting from Tuesdays squat day. I have a feeling my long weekend is going to be even longer for my legs. The good news was I actually weighed in at only 255 this morning.