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Turned the Big 30.....


Well I finally hit the big 30. Doesn't feel like it though. When I was in my teens and younger it seems like the 30 somethings were so much older.

Doing the usual big birthday thing. Strippers, eating, more strippers, pool, strippers, eating. I dont drink so maybe more strippers will be thrown in there somewhere. Single again so I have as much freedom for strippers as I want!

DAMN! SouthernGirl for stealing my birthday thunder with her amazing body I wish I would be on stage/me tonight!

Any tips from the other 30 somethings? Other than some RED KAT! LOL!


Ok ok ok... just for you doll...

"Happy Birthday to you... happy birthday to you... happy birthday dear PGA...happy birthday to you!!"

:wink: The thunder has been given back to you :slightly_smiling:


I don't think 30 means what it used to mean. Some high school kids may think that age is old, but I doubt too many others feel that way anymore. My mom is over 50 and she doesn't act like "50" used to be sterotyped as. In fact, for most people who lift weights, the majority of those guys seem to carry extra muscle better over the age of 30. It simply looks more solid.

I think "30" is only a negative to people who treat their bodies like utter crap and then wonder why it is falling apart on them.


Oh... and if you fly me up, I'll give you a hell of a show :wink:

Just teasing :slight_smile: (Although I am fully capable).


My devil Southern, the things I would do to you! HA!

Thanks for giving me some thunder back, though I'd be hard pressed to take it all from you! That would be impossible!


I'm back in college and the kids there for the most part dont think anything of it. They cant beleive I'm 30 to begin with but it seems like the age gaps are definitly not what they used to be for the most part in a good way. People seem to be more youthful as they get older and not so much as the old "old fart" way. It seems there is more in common with the older and younger groups than what it used to be when I grew up.


I spent my 30th birthday up a mountain, in the middle of the Karoo (South Africa). Not a stripper in sight, I tell you. Enjoy that party, mate!

As for the "getting old" part, I don't feel much different than in my mid twenties, and I am healthier than I was then by a long stretch (as blood analyses and body comp prove). What I wonder now is whether the Big 40 will make a difference or not...


I don't remember if it was TC, or another author on another site, but I remember a quote about 30 being the new 20, 40 being the new 30, and so on. I think the author was making a point that, with longer lifespans and more job-hopping, more people aren't settling down as quickly.

I'm 29, will be 30 in about six months. I often remark to myself (sign of senility?) that I feel like I'm 24. I know I'm in better shape than when I was 24 (or 20, for that matter).


30 is the new 25. (At least that's what all my recently-tuend-20 friends keep telling me.)

I agree with some of the posters: I feel better now than I dis when I was 20, probably because now I have just a little bit of wisdom that gets put to use in the kitchen and the gym.

30 is the best of both worlds: young enough to listen to AC/DC really loud while making out with college chicks, old enough to tell those damn punks to get off your lawn.


Overall, life has been getting better year after year after 30. I wish you the same.


Damn Punks!


Well, I'm still a few months away from the big three-oh and I don't feel anywhere close to that. I still feel like I am in my early 20's. With that said, I do notice some differences in myself and those who are still in their early 20's. Especially when it comes to what we want in life and the things we like to do. So maybe I feel more like 30 than I thought, lol.


shit, even my dad's doing that.



You are officially welcomed into the "Dirty Thirty" club! Congratulations!!

Honestly, life's a HELL of a lot better than in your twenties. You're the same person, and if you haven't lived too rugged of a life, you're still young...only usually with fewer financial struggles and hopefully have gained some wisdom (not that 30 is old enough to be termed a "Wise One", but hopefully the knocks we took in our teens and twenties have taught us someting!!)

Happy Birthday PGA!



You old bastard....

Yea 30 just aint that old anymore. Maybe its because my buddies are between 23 and 26, and five years doesn't seem that far away. But like the Prof. said, if you treat your body right, then 30 isn't that bad. Hell, even 50 isnt that bad- QuarterTonner makes me feel like a pussy every time he posts a pic, and I think he is 49 (?)

Rejoice that you made it this far, and that you still feel pretty damn good. So Happy Birthday.

You old bastard. I'm still 21 :wink:


Awww thanks ChinaD, long time no talk. Yeah I havent had a "rough life" so I still have my youth with me. Working out and such has kept my youthful looks! The youngins in college were stunned that I was 30. So that made me feel good. Not that I care that I'm a 30 something now!


You young prick! I'mm gonna chase your ass off my lawn with my cane!

Thanks for the B-day wish bro. 30 isnt old. I can easily chill with the youngins and have a good time. Its all good. However the 18 year old college chicks do drive me nuts. They sure dont build them like they did in my time.....




ChinaD, Stop teasing, you can't be a day over 26yrs!


Happy Birthday,

yeah I turned 30 recently and most people still think I'm early to mid 20's. I think there's a big difference between chronological and biological age, especially if health and fitness is emphasised in your life. I run into some guys I went to high school with, some looked old when they were 21 and just happily setteled into middle age - it always frustrated me. When I look at pictures of myslef in my early twenties I'm shocked at how much better I look now. I still have long term goals like I did in my teens and twenties, there just more definte and have greater financial backing.

As a side note, I think, the whole notion of the age related appearance has been drastically altered in the last twenty or so years. We our now constantly fed media images of so called 'middle-aged' individuals who still display all the physical characteristics of youth. Similarly you'll notice how the weight loss industry is beginning to push the age-defying envelope also. I blame the baby boomers frankly.

Cheers J