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Turned 40 & Doing Almost No Assistance

Firstly thanks Jim for all the information in your books. Has served me well for the last three years.

I am currently doing BBB variation 1. (Using fsl percentages 5x10. I train four days a week. Other than rows ss with bench and press I do no other assistance work. It has worked quite well and all my lifts are improving.

I walk 2ks after training most days. And do mobility work. I work as a furniture removalist so I do a fair bit of heavy lifting.

My main question is would anybody recommend I do anymore assistance or not?

If you are happy with your results so far there is no hard and fast rule saying you need to add anymore in. I say as long as your balancing your pressing with enough pulling your probably on the right track.

If you do decide to add any in, make sure it does not interfere with your recovery.

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If it’s working then keep pushing. If you want to add some assistance, as Jim always says “if you’re going to add something in then something has to come out”. That might mean changing up your supplemental work.

I’m 52 and keep my assistance work to a minimum. 25-50 reps of push/pull/core each session and I’m good to go.


I’m thinking of doing something like this

Two cycles of
5’s pro
FSL 5x10
SS presses with rows
Plus do some jackknife sit-ups after leg days

One cycle of
FSL 5x5
Push, pull, abs each day x fifty

I would add some kind of vertical pulling/rear delt work/shoulder prehab move on one of the days. other than than carry on!