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Turned 23 and Time to Get My Stuff Together

I just turned 23 two days ago and I decided I want to take my lifting life more serious and get ready for wrestling school.

Current stats:
2 years of fucking around in the gym and roughly 1.5-2 years of smarter training.
215 pound (around 17% bf)
Bench 300
Squat 325
Deadlift 430

Maintain above 200 pounds but gradually get leaner.
Bench 350
Squat 450
Deadlift 550

Currently running Hepburns with some pump after. Def a great program that finally got me that 300 pound bench. Usually run 2 -3 miles after.

If anyone who sees that thread has experience preparing for wrestling school I would really appreciate the chance to ask you a few questions especially on how to prepare for cardio besides my daily running.

Which exercises do you use in Hepburns? Is that the one where you do singles or triples and add sets until you reach 10?

I don’t have experience with wrestling school but usually for activities like that you just want to be generally in decent shape. The specific conditioning needed will be trained at the school. It’s very difficult to condition for wrestling without wrestling.

This guy has loads of good stuff for tough conditioning…