Turmeric Pre or Post-Workout?

I’ve had a niggling rotator cuff injury for a while now. Been to the doctor and they said it’s not that serious and suggested I still workout to keep the blood flow & nutrients going to the area, but obviously reduce the weight on the lifts which aggravate it.

Having done some research online, it seems that turmeric can be a really good supplement to aid tendon/joint injuries, so I picked some up just to give it a shot.

My question is, whether or not to take it pre workout. The reason I ask is that usually you DON’T take an anti inflammatory (such as ibuprofen) before a workout as it can mask the pain you may feel from an exercise and cause you to injure yourself. Also with it being an anti inflammatory I can imagine it may reduce the pump you get and cause you to look flat, which is something I’ve been concerned about as well… I could be completely wrong here though.

What do you guys suggest, and does anybody take it pre workout? I figured if I were to take it pre workout it may slightly alleviate any pain I get in my rotator cuff, but don’t want to cause any further issues with it. I can always just take it post workout if that’s a better option though.

I wouldn’t take it immediately pre- or post- workout. As you mentioned, it can be a good idea to avoid anti-inflammatories pre-training so you can best understand your body signals, but taking anti-inflammatory measures immediately post-workout has been shown to blunt the hypertrophy response.

Ah didn’t know that. Okay, I’ll probably take it before bed or something then. It’s a shame there’s loads of articles online talking about how great turmeric can be pre workout, without mentioning the fact that it blunts hypertrophy response as you mentioned.

For example, there’s even a doctor’s advice here about how great it is to take it pre workout haha - https://totalshape.com/supplements/turmeric-pre-workout/

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I hate the be the Canadian hippy type, but have you ever looked into CBD products to help with muscle and joint pain? I started taking CBD gummies before bed and my body feels SOOOooo much better the next day!

I actually use a CBD vape liquid in my E-Cig and yes it helps a lot! Whether it’s placebo or not, I don’t really care as I’ve noticed a difference anyway. The problem really with my injury isn’t really the pain as I can happily deal with that. It’s moreso the amount of time it’s taking to heal, and I just want rid of the injury now having had it for so long.

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