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Turlock, California

Hey, any fellow T-Men in little old Turlock, California?

Why are ya lookin for some gay lovin? If so i would think…no. Gay internet relationships never work out. Or, umm, so I’m told.

im from manteca buddy. do you go to stan? where do you train?


Tyke, sounds like you have a gay hangup if you think people are on this website for gay hookups. I don’t think most of the T-Men on this site would appreciate your suggestion that we are gay and trying to hookup. I suggest if you are looking for a gay hookup, you try another site, and let us serious athletes concentrate on getting great advice from each other and maybe even finding a good workout partner.

Hey Stan… I grew up in Newman!!! This is pretty cool seeing someone else from the central valley. I’m living in SF now, but occasionally I visit my parents.

Ignore Tyke, he was being a retard.

BOBU - My wife’s parents were born and raised in Gustine. Her mom passed away about 7 years ago, but my father in law still lives out in Gustine. He also flys (private plane) out of Turlock airport, but just got a hanger in Gustine. Anyway, I get out to the Central Valley once in a while, but only to visit family.

Yo Jason, what are the odds that you are basically Gustine related, I am a Newmanite and that we meet on this forum only to find that we live in the Bay Area?
Freaky shit if you ask me.

I live and work in Turlock, but I do not go to Stan State.

i think its interesting to see names such as neckman and neckstine on this site, what can i say im from manstinka.

HOLY CRAP!!! I was just in Turlck all week at the purina mills plant putting in a new computer system I was staying ion medesto and was looking for t-man to work out with… To bad I am back in MN now =-(

BOBU - Flat out, just some weird stuff. Sometime after the holidays, we’ll have to get together the Bay Area T-Cell, hit a workout and get some food.

Jason… agreed. We should all get together, workout and then eat. Hey isn’t Krispy Kreme at the half way point between Sf and Sj?

mmmmm dooughnutsssssss

hey stan,
I was born in turlock and lived in Denair my whole life. right now i’m going to college at Long Beach St.
I’m coming home for Christmas on Sunday Dec. 22.
I’ll be in Turlock for at least two weeks. I always work out at The Turlock Fitness Club in the Wherehouse music store shopping center on Geer Rd. The owner Joe is great. It’s good to hear from a fellow T-Man in the Turlock area. Let me know if you want to train while I’m home.