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Turkish Muscle Log


I figured I would start keeping a log on here to gauge my progress. A little bit about my training history (if anyone is reading this lol). I started out by having my dad buy me a weight set from wal-mart when I was about 11 years old. Basically it was a bar, and two dumbell handles and about 110 pounds of weights. I would basically just do curls and overhead presses and also some crunches and pushups about 3 or 4 times a week.

My first body transformation was the summer between 7th and 8th grade. I was a fat 150 and that summer I dropped down to 128 by just not eating any fats and playing a lot of basketball and soccer and still using my weights here and there. The first time I got into a weight room was my freshman year of high school.

From my football coach I learned how to squat and deadlift and also began benching. Throughout high school my training evolved from reading online but was never very consistent. After my senior year my dad flew me to Turkey to stay with some relatives for a year. When I got there I was very overweight about 210 if I remember correctly. I decided since I had nothing better to do and being overweight I should start hitting the gym.

It was that summer that I discovered this website and began to learn a lot. From tryinig programs from guys like Waterbury to just getting diffrent perspectives on things from posters. By Feburary of the next year I had lost about 30 pounds and put on some muscle. In May I came back home to the US. At first I was hitting the gym regularly but then I got back into bad habits and hanging around with bad influences and everntually I barely hit the gym at all. From May of 2006 til July of 2010 I would work out here and there never very consistently.

So this past July I was sitting at 230 + pounds and decided I was getting very out of hand and had to do something. I was back in Turkey again and going to the same gym I went to before and since then I've dropped 20 pounds but feel I still got a lot more leaning out to do. So here I am today, I'm currently trying to lean out slowly, getting in around 3000 calories and doing slow state cardio and some ab work 4 times a week in the morning and a session of HIIT per week. My long term goals are to get as big as I can and maybe someday step on stage but I'm a long way from that.

Currently I'm doing a bodypart split:
Mon - Back, Biceps, and Forearms
Tue - Chest and Triceps
Wed - HIIT and Abs
Thu - Legs
Fri - Biceps, Triceps, Forearms
Sat - Delts and Traps
Sun - Off (Also on Mon and Fri mornings I do calves)

My PR's up to this point are:
BB Bench - 125kg(275lbs) X 1 (haven't gone heavy on BB bench in a long time)
Squat - 165kg(363lbs) X 4
Deadlift - 145kg(319lbs) X 1
Nothing special as you can see, but hoping by this time next year I can hit 350 for the bench, 500 for squat and 450 for deadlift.
I'm hoping to hit some PR's this week on the Bench and Squat, I'm really intrested in seeing what I max out at on the bench since it's been so long.
Anyway here are a few pics. This first one is from September of 2005, I'm around 200 pounds here.


Feburary 2006, 172 lbs.


October 2010, 212 lbs.


Alright, I got no sleep. Got my caffeine and B12 in me. Gym opens in 15 minutes so I'm gonna go do my cardio, abs, and calves work.


Today's Cardio, Abs, and Calves morning workout:
Weight - 96.15 kgs (211.5 lbs)
Seated Calve raises - 30kg x 20, 40 kg x 20, 50 kg x 15, 60 kg x 15, 30 kg x 20

Standing Calve raises in the Hack Squat machine off a board:
60 kg x 12, 80 kg x 12, 100 kg x 12, 100 kg x 12, 60 kg x 15.

Crunches - 1 x 50, 1 x 30

Super-set of Leg-raises, standing cable crunches, side bends: 4 x 20

Treadmill at 12 incline and 3.8 kph for 10 minutes.

Stationary Bike at 4.5 resistance for 25 minutes.

All in all a pretty good morning workout considering it was off no sleep. Hoping I'll recover for a nice back workout tonight.



T-Bar Rows - 1 plate(20kg) x 15, 2 plates x 15, 3 plates x 12, 3 and a half plates x 8, 4 plates x 8, 3 plates x 12.

Deadlift - 135lbs x 6, 225lbs x 6 (tried a double overhand grip instead of mixed grip and really liked it), 260lbs x 1(tried double overhand again but didn't feel right), 260lbs x 5, 310lbs x 1.5 (had it half way just couldn't lock it.) 310lbs x 1.5 again same thing. Didn't go for 340 again, 260lbs x 5.

BB Rows - 135lbs x 15, 180lbs x 10, 220lbs x 4, 180lbs x 8, 180lbs x 10, 135lbs x 15.

DB Rows - 50lbs x 8, 70lbs x 8, 90lbs x 8, 90lbs x 8.

Close Grip Pulldowns - 70kg x 12, 90kg x 12, 100kg x 10, 110kg x 10.

Lat Pulldown Machine Pullovers - 40kg x 10 x 10 x 10

DB Hammer Curls - 25lbs x 8, 50lbs x 6, 55 lbs x 6, 60 lbs x 3.

DB Preacher Curls - 25lbs x 10, 35 lbs x 10 x 10 x 10

Lat Pulldown Machine Curls - 40kg x 8 x 8 x 8

Forearms BB curl - 30 kg x 15 x 15 x 15 x 15



Weight - 95.4kg (209.8lbs)
Crunches x 20, +10kg plate x 30 x 30 x 30

Superset - 4x Leg Raises x 25, Standing Cable Crunches x 15, Side Bends x 20

Treadmill - 12 Incline 3.8 kph for 10 minutes.

Stationary Bike - 4.5 resistance for 25 minutes.



BB Bench Press:
45kg(99lbs) X 6, 85kg(187lbs) X 4, 95kg(209lbs) X 4, 105kg(231lbs) X 2, 115kg(253lbs) X 2, 125kg(275lbs) X 1.5(spotter helped a bit on the second rep) 95kg(209lbs) X 4.

Flat Bench DB Flyes:
50lbs X 10, 55lbs X 10, 60lbs X 10, 70lbs X 8.

Incline DB Press:
55lbs X 6, 60lbs X 6, 70lbs X 6, 70lbs X 6, 70lbs X 10(spotter helped with last 2 reps).

Incine DB Flyes:
45lbs X 10, 50lbs X 8, 55lbs X 8, 55lbs X 8, 55lbs X 8.

Sitting Chest Press Machine:
40kg X 12, 60kg X 12, 70kg X 10, 70kg X 8.

Decline Bench DB Pullovers:
40lbs X 12, 50lbs X 10, 50lbs X 10, 50lbs X 10.

Triceps Pressdown Machine:
45kg X 12, 60kg X 12, 80kg X 10, 90kg X 8.

One Handed Underhand Triceps Pushdowns:
20kg X 8 X 8 X 8.

70kg X 10, 50kg X 10, 40kg X 10(Did these quick because the gym was closing).

PR's:BB Bench 125kg(275lbs) X 1, Flat Bench DB Flyes 70lbs X 8, Incline DB Flyes 55lbs X 8. A pretty good workout but I was really hoping to hit 300 on the bench press.


Weight - 95.7kg (210.5 lbs)
35 minutes on stationary bike(5 minute warm up then 30second sprints, followed by 2 minute coasts then 4 and a half minute cool down).



Bent-over Lateral Raises On Incline Bench:
25lbs X 12 X 12 X 12

DB Lateral Raises:
25lbs X 10, 30lbs X 8, 40lbs X 7, 40lbs X 8, 40lbs X 8.

DB Front Raises:
25lbs X 8, 30lbs X 8, 45lbs X 6, 45lbs X6, 45lbs X 6.

Bent-over Lateral Raises:
20lbs X 12, 30lbs x 12, 40lbs X 10, 40lbs X 10, 40lbs X 8.

BB Shrugs:
95kg(210lbs) X 10 X 10 X 10, 75kg(165lbs) X 15.

Up-Right Rows:
35kg(77lbs) X 10, 55kg(121lbs) X 8, 35kg(77lbs) X 10, 35kg(77lbs) X 10.

Light Cardio:
15 minutes on the treadmill at 6.5 incline 4.4 kph.


Leg Extensions:
35kg X 15, 75kg X 15, 85kg X 12, 45kg X 15.

55kg(121lbs) X 6, 95kg(209lbs) X 6, 115kg(253lbs) X 5, 135kg(297lbs) x 6, 155kg(341lbs) X 6, 165kg(363lbs) X 5, 185kg(407lbs) X 3(PR). It felt great to squat 400 for the first time, it actually felt better than the two previous tests. I couldn't believe how pumped my biceps were after I did squats. I remember somebody asking what to do to get bigger arms and someone said to squat. And I knew they meant that you should squat and put on more mass and your arms will grow but it was pretty ironic how sore my biceps got. 135kg(297lbs) X 10 to finish up.

Leg Extensions:
45kg X 15, 75kg X 15, 85kg X 13, 85kg X 14, 85kg X 14.

Leg Press:
160kg X 12 X 12 X 12 (my legs felt so pumped that I didn't want to go heavier).

Romanian Deadlifts:
60lbs X 10, 70lbs X 10, 110lbs X 2.5 (tried these because someone broke the 90's), 70lbs X 10, 70lbs X 10.

Standing Leg Curls:
20kg X 10 X 10 X 10

Adductor Machine(where you move your legs outward):
35kg X 12, 55kg X 12, 65kg X 12, 70kg X 10.

Adductor Machine(where you move your legs inward):
15kg X 20, 35kg X 20, 45kg X 20, 65kg X 20. I liked these a lot better then the machine where you move your legs outward. I could feel it more in my adductors then my glutes.

All in all a great workout, realized I NEED to lose A LOT of weight. I'm thinking I need to get down to at least 180lbs and go from there.


Weight - 95.4kg(209.8lbs)
Seated Calve Raises:
20kg X 20, 30kg X 20, 40kg X 18, 50kg X 15, 60kg X 12, 60kg X 12, 30kg X 20.

Standing Calve Raises In the Hack Squat:
60kg X 20, 80kg X 15, 100kg X 15, 120kg X 12, 120kg X 12, 60kg X 25.

BW X 45 X 40

Superset - Leg Raises, Standing Cable Crunches, Side Bends: 3 X 15, 20, 20

Stationary Bike for 35 minutes at 5.5 resistance.


Rope Pushdowns:
40kg X 12 X 12.

Close-grip Bench Press:
45kg X 6, 65kg X 6, 85kg X 8, 95kg X 6 X 6, 85kg X 8.

Super-set; Straight bar skull crushers(30kg X 10 X 10 X 10) & Hammer Curls(55lbs X 6 X 6 X 6).

Super-set; BB curls(65kg X 4, 55kg X 6, 45kg X 8 X 8) & Pressdowns(60kg X 10 X 10 X 10).

Super-set; Incline DB curls(25lbs X 6, 35lbs X 6, 40lbs X 6 X 6) Over-head two arm DB extensions(55lbs X 15, 70 lbs X 15 X 15 X 15).

One-arm DB preacher curls:
20lbs X 10, 30lbs X 10 X 10 X 8.

One-arm reverse grip pressdowns:
20kg X 10 X 10 X 8

Forearm curls underhand grip:
25kg X 15 X 15 X 15.

Reverse grip Forearm curls:
25kg X 12 X 12 X 12.

A pretty good workout. I wanted to hit my arms hard tonight because I don't know when I'll be able to get a good arm workout again. On tuesday I'm going to another part of Turkey before I head home in 6 weeks and I'm not sure what the quality of the gym there will be. I guess there's a nice gym that's an hour away so worst case scenario I can go there.


Weight - 96.3kgs(211.86)
Seated Lateral Raises:
20lbs X 10, 30lbs X 10 X 10.

Bent-over Later Raises:
25lbs X 12, 35lbs X 12, 40lbs X 10 X 8.

Over Head Press:
35kg X 10, 75kg X fail, 65kg X 5, 55kg X 10 X 10 X 8.

Front Raises:
25lbs X 5, 35lbs X 6, 45lbs X 6 X 6 X 6.

Lateral Raises:
25lbs X 10, 35lbs X 10, 40lbs X 8 X 8 X 7.

Bent-over lateral raises on incline machine:
25lbs X 12 X 12 X 12.

DB Shrugs:
55lbs X 15, 70lbs X 12, 110lbs X 4, 70lbs X 10 X 10.

BB Shrugs:
65kg X 15, 95kg X 10 X 12 X 10, 65kg X 10.

Up-Right Rows:
40kg X 10 X 10 X 10.


Weight - 98.15kg(215.93), this fucking sucks. But I'm not gonna let it throw me off.

Seated Calve Raises:
20kg X 20, 30kg X 20, 40kg X 20, 50 kg X 20, 60kg X 15 X 15, 30kg X 25.

Standing Calve Raises:
60kg X 20, 80kg X 18, 100kg X 15 X 15 X 15 60 kg X 20.

Leg Press Calve Raises(Presses? lol):
80kg X 20 X 20. I just wanted to try these out since I never have before and really liked them.

Crunches with 10kg plate supersetted with Side Bends with 30lb dumbell:
30 x 3 and 20 X 3.

Super-set, Leg Raises, Standing Cable Crunches, Side Bends:
3 X 20, 20, 20.

Kneeling Cable Crunches:
50kg X 20, 60kg X 20 X 20.

10 minutes on the treadmill at 14 incline and 3.8 kph.

25 minutes on the stationary bike at 5.5 resistance.


T-Bar Rows:
20kg X 20, 40kg X 15, 60kg X 10, 65kg X 8, 70kg X 8, 60kg X 12.

Behind The Back Lat Pulldowns:
60kg X 10, 70kg X 10, 80kg X 10, 100kg X 8 70kg X 12.

55kg(121lbs) X 8, 95kg(209lbs) X 6, 115kg(253lbs) X 6, 125kg(275lbs) X 3, 135kg(297lbs) X 2.5(just missed lock out), 145kg(319lbs) X 1, 115kg(253lbs) X 6.

BB Rows:
95kg X 6 X 4 X 4, 75kg X 10 X 10, 55kg X 15.

DB Rows:
55lbs X 10, 70lbs X 8, 90lbs X 8, 110lbs X 4.

Lat Pulldown Maching Pullovers:
40kg X 10 X 10 X 10.

Hammer Curls:
55kg X 6 X 6 X 6.

Preacher Bench DB Curls:
20lbs X 12, 30lbs X 10 X 10 X 10.

Underhand Forearm Curls:
30kg X 12 X 12 X 12.

Overhand Forearm Curls:
30kg X 15 X 15 X 15.

This was my last workout at this gym. Hopefully the gym in the new town I will be in tomorrow will be decent.