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Turkish Journalist Account of Gaza Flotilla Jihadis' Preparations to Attack Israeli Soldiers


A Turkish journalists's account of the IHH terrorists on the infamous Gaza flotilla thugboat Mavi Marmara and how they had prepared to attack Israeli soldiers in an act of jihad:


here's a short footnote from the piece:

"Taking soldiers hostage in violent confrontations is not a new tactic of IHH. In January 2010, IHH operatives engaged in a violent confrontation with Egyptian security forces who refused to let them enter the Gaza Strip, during which hostages were taken by IHH operatives. Bulent Yildirim described the incident as follows: â??â?¦They [Egyptian security forces] detained seven of our members. We reacted to their attack. We took seven Egyptian soldiers captive. We released three soldiers who were injured.

We kept four soldiers. We were willing to release them in exchange for the release of our people. After the first attack, the Egyptian soldiers surrounded us on sea and on land. We were under siege, [in a situation] where they could attack us againâ?? (on5yirmi5.com, January 5, 2010; http://ihh.org.tr/12630, January 6, 2010)."


The UN probe said war crimes and international laws had been broken by the Israeli Defence Forces, whilst some of these people may have wanted trouble the Israeli military are not completely innocent. Tis carp will go on forever unless Israel stops expanding into territory that does not belong to it.


Bull shit. Israel are the good guys in this. Period. UN international law is a joke. Israel was trying to do what it is forced to do in order not to have their civilians blown up. They did absolutely nothing wrong. These pieces of shit on the boat went there for the expressed purpose of picking a fight. The only thing Israel should have done differently is to go in prepared for a fight with overwhelming force.


What DoubleDeuce said X2.
As for the UN - it's dominated by Islamic countries who only recognise Sharia law. Under Sharia, any land that was once under Muslim rule is Muslim land forever. Oh yeah, and under Sharia law, you don't defy a Muslim who wants your death if you're a nonMuslim.
Muslims flooded into Palestine centuries after Judaism and Christianity were already established and ancient Israel(later named Palestine by Hadrian) has always been Jewish land.

The only international law that Israel broke is er NONE! Everything they did was legal according to international law. Western international law, that is, including boarding rules, warning calls, territorial waters, San Remo rules, etc.

As for land expansion, are you retarded? Israel gave away the huge territory and resourcesof the Sinai to Egypt, which they should not have. They have given away parts of their own land simply to gain peace, and it has not worked. So your definition of "expanded" needs redefining there.
They took out their own people and gave Gaza to a bunch of Muslim Arabs who wrecked the properties left there and turned it into a Sharia state, complete with honour murders, torture and persecution of Christians.
Barak gave a huge area of natural gas and oilfields to the Palis. Gee, what did they do with that In wonder? Hmmmmmm...
Netanyahu now is considering giveing the Golan Heights for hell's sake to Syria !!!
Jordan took Jerusalem, and Israel is permitting it to remain disputed intead of kicking out every last Palestinian Arab illegal squatter.

Jews aren't even allowed to pray on the Temple Mount because the Muslim Waqf is in charge there and won't allow non-Muslims to pray on a place they have defined as Muslim.
Palestinian thieves are wrecking archaeological evidence in and around Jerusalem because they don't like the fact that Israel is Jewish land and are trying to eliminate every trace of Jewish history. Seems it's worked with you.
These thugs are making free with Israel which gives and gives and gives and gets nothing but terrorism and death for their pains.
I agree wiht mnay commentators who recommend simply bombing any more flotilla jihadi boats that encroach on Israel's waters.

The Muslims have their eye on Andalusia too, so I hope the Spanish are ready to fight for their nation.


"The UN probe said war crimes and international laws had been broken by the Israeli Defence Forces.."

nonsense dull dudes..
such things have never happened nor could they ever happen.

just more lame-brained persecution of the light upon the world by the haters itz.