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Turkish Getups Used for Strength/As a Carry?

To make a long story short: My shoulder is broken and I have been scouring the internet for exercises to fix it. I have tried band pull aparts etc. The thing that worked the best was holds as CT described in his article a month ago or so.

Last week I stumbled across an article about rotator cuff rehab where the author suggested using turkish getups as they are sort of like a static hold but due to their nature they involve all the stabilizing muscles in the shoulder.

So, I started trying them last week with just my arm, then 2.5 lbs, then this week with 5 lbs. They feel great! What I mean is that my shoulder does not hurt at all after doing them. Now, I know I have not done any weight really yet but even pressing with 5 lb plates was bugging my shoulder.

Anyway, yesterday I was in a hurry so I stagger setted my getups with my clean grip low pulls. I was doing cluster sets of 2x5 reps for 5 sets. I did turkish getups with 5 lb plates x 10 reps between my pull cluster sets.About 15 - 20 seconds rest to switch between the pulls and the getups. By the second set I was breathing hard. By the fourth set I was having a hard time with the pulls because I was breathing almost as hard as when I do an HIIT session.

So, I was thinking about it and I think the turkish getup would be great to add as one of the carries. I know it is not exactly a carry but it seems to have the same metabolic effect as well at being great for your shoulders.

Has anybody used turkish getups like this before? I am planning on keeping increasing weight every week until a) it does start to hurt my shoulder or b) I get to where it is too heavy to do 10 reps. I dont have a good feel for how much that might be right now but I think that if I did 40 lb turkish getups for 10 reps I would be really tired.

Personally I would get on Kelly Starrett’s YouTube channel and figure out which positions you can’t get in or cause pain (overhead press, dip, etc…) and then do joint distractions with a 41" 1 1/8" thick resistance band. If the joint is positioned correctly the tissues around it will adapt and function the way they are supposed (assuming no injury or something internal going on with your shoulder).

I live and work in China. No youtube among other things as shocking as it may seem. I actually can’t use google most days either.

He has a book…Becoming a Supple Leopard… maybe you can find that.

Cool! Thanks for the advice! I will look into it!

Donny Shankle does this for his shoulder rehab (Turkish Get ups). The part that is relevant to this topic is at 7:23 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgM5pAgFbQk

Another good rehab and strength exercise is the OH 1/4 squat +hold http://instagram.com/p/lp4vyvKeem/