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Turkish Get-ups

I just tried Turkish Get-ups yesterday, and my normal workout partner couldn’t stop laughing at me, and everybody in the gym who saw me were trying very hard not to look at me, and weren’t doing a good job of it.

But this is the first time I have tried Turkish Get-ups and they are one of the most physically exhausting exercises that I have ever done and I was only using 50 lbs.
After I was done I talked my workout partner to try one, and I can see why he was laughing. it is one silly looking exercise, but all in all I thought it was well worth the stupid stares, and averted eyes.


you know, with all the odd looks and gasps i get from the stuff i do in the gym(lotsa stuff i got from articles on here among other places)…i get just as many questions and even handshakes for doing something different. keep up the hard work even if it is a little weird.

Let them laugh. Pick exercises that will benefit you, and your goals and do them. Most of those idiots were probably laughing at you while rubber-necking off the stairmaster anyway. Screw em’. Turkish get ups are a great move for many trainees.

what is a turkish get-up? I’ve never heard of that.

Check this out cosmicslop.

Oh yeah I love making them wonder what I am doing, especially the people that I see there everyday doing the exact same chest/bicep split… everyday.

but you gotta admit, it is one funny looking move, especially if you fail to make it up, then you just look like a goon.


Once you improve technique you will not look too funny. I do sets of 5 with an 88lb kettlebell regularly and believe me no one laughs. The better you get the more seamless the exercise becomes and you get up in a smooth motion. In the beginning, it is a real struggle.

Make sure to roll to the opposite side and pivot to the side with the leg that is on the same side as the dumbbell. From there, bring the opposite leg in and drive forward. Get into the lunge position and stand up. keep at it and you will have it down in no time.


Thanks Mike!!! I read about them in the article that T-mag has on them and it just says ‘get up’ basically and gives tips, so I just roll to the side and get up, sometimes its a little shakey but for the most part it was pretty good, and yeah I can see how getting smoother would be a plus. But going down (not like that… perverts) is alot easier.

All in all this is one sweet exercise.


want to try em but im clueless!!! Someone post some pics and instructs


You are a good man, and you have my respect. Who cares what the crowd thinks! That’s a great movement.

You got it, stick with the drill and enjoy the benefits.

Mike Mahler