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Turkish Get Ups Progression?

Hi all! I restarted going to the gym last week (when they reopened) and started doing TGUs after my training. I am currently doing 5 reps on each side with 16kg. I have done them for five days and I am now finding them quite easy. Do you think it is better to increase reps to 12 and then build up to 20 over a few weeks before upping the weight or just move up to 20kg and keep the reps low?

tl;dr - better to up the reps or up the weight for progression?


Keep the reps low, and take your time through the movement. Think of it more like yoga, holding each position, that is how you’ll benefit the most from the movement.

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Hi! Thanks for the reply. Yes, I do this already but I now feel it is not doing as much as it was last week i.e. it does not feel anywhere near as difficult. So, would you advise going up to 6 reps on each side or upping the weight to 20kg?

Why are you doing TGU’s? You goal will influence which method will serve you best

Hi! Thanks for the reply. I am doing them for several reasons 1) I enjoy them 2) they are good for learning to involve the core in a holistic way in other exercises, such as the squat 3) to strengthen my core overall and 4) I am hoping that by accomplishing number 3, I will correct my anterior pelvic tilt, and thus my posture, which will make me look better.

I personally feel adding weight, and making the movement perfect and smooth flowing is better than adding reps.
Holding each position for a few breaths and tensing you’re whole body is very beneficial. Doing 5 singles on each side, but doing them very deliberately will benefit more than 20 sloppy and fast ones.

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Given your goals, @Malaka79 gave you great advice