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Turkish Get Up


For those of you who have done them, how much can you Turkish Get Up with?

I tried them today with an empty bar, and it was pretty rough, I'll admit.


I have stood up and sat back down with 95 on the bar. I can still work up to 5 reps with a 80lbs dumbell.I haven't done them in a while, but I am going to start back soon. A great exercise.


depending on form I got up with like 80's DB's for a few but thats leaning on my other hand I think thats ok but not sure, haven't messed with the bar might have to try that today in a little bit. BB


Anyone care to describe a Turkish Get Up? I have no idea what one is!


25 kg dumbell WITHOUT using other hand as support, just working the core.


Lay flat on your back with one of your arms above your body in lockout position. Then get up anyway you can while keeping your arm locked out above you. If that description does not make any sense you can search the site I believe Davies wrote an article about them. They work just about every muscle in your body, especially abs, shoulders, and back.


there is some examples of it on articles from John Davies.

its also good with a big fuck off sandbag.


I have done them with a 125 lb sandbag could of did a bit more.


Check out cross fit for a video example, I can do a 40k barbell with each hand.


Damn, you folks are makin' me feel pretty week!

My shoulder strength, especially on the left side is the limiting factor on this exercise. I don't know, or want to know right now, how much I can do with this exercise, suffice to say I will be working with the empty bar until I am stronger and more comfortable with this exercise.

This is truly an awesome exercise, plus it's one that EVERYONE turns around to watch you do. Score!


That's badass!


I have got a 55 kg one, time to try!


I have a few new short term goals 135lb Get Up and Windmill. When I get them I will film it and post the vids.



can i assume that your weight is 135 KG, not lbs!

best windmill...45 kg DB, 3 reps


do a search for: Short Topic
The Turkish Get-up

it has a perfect description. laters pk


No,I meant pounds. I guess that's not a lot for a hoss like you=) My best windmill is also 95 POUNDS with the barbell. I haven't done ether lift in months, but I think within 4-6 weeks I should have my target numbers easily. Once I can windmill 135 pounds I will start to freak the casual gym goers out more with some two hand anyhow lifts.


JB. i meant your own BW. if you weigh 135, and windmill 135, that would be some serios shit.

I like scaring people with the 2 hand anyhow. its just busts ya.

best performance was 2x30kg db, sntach 1 into position above head, windmill down, pick up other one, herniate my groin going back up, then jerk other one into position, repeat other side.


Man, you are freaks all!


what's a windmill?


Stand with a weight locked out overhead in one hand, and bend at the waist and touch the ground at your opposite side with the other. You keep your arm locked the whole time. You can search the site for a better description and a picture. I think Davies wrote about.