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Turkish Get-Up: Weight?

I?m curious who else is using the Turkish get-up regularly. What kind of weight do you use? And what carryover have you found to other lifts and sports?

I started doing TGU?s a few months ago. I really like this exercise. My shoulders and abs feel stronger, and my hips seem more flexible. Lazy as I am, I also like the idea of working almost the whole body with one exercise.

But I find it very hard to go up in weight. Right now I use a 24 kg kettlebell for sets of 3. I read somewhere of people doing TGU with bodyweight. I can?t imagine this is true; it must be ?internet weight?. What do you think?

I myself have just started these and im holding 25kg d.b for sets of 5, i will be adding more weight next time round. im focusing on really exploding the weight up and slowly lowering myself